17 Classy Burger Recipes For Your Next Cookout

The humble burger is a BBQ staple.

What would a cook out be if there weren’t at least a few burgers on the grill?

However, if you’re getting bored with plain old patties of minced beef and a few herbs then we’ve got you covered.

The 17 recipes below are a cut above the rest. They’re sure to amaze taste buds and make you look like burger badass. 

1. Barbequed Maple Balsamic Burger With Sharp Cheddar Cheese

This is one for BBQ purists, for whom cooking on gas is a mortal sin. If you’re a charcoal fanatic then use hickory wood chips to give these burgers some real pizzaz.  

Hickory wood smoked flavour and a maple balsamic ketchup complement each other better than you would think.

Serve on a pretzel bun and top with a sharp cheddar; these burgers will be a hit with everyone. Get the recipe here.

2. Truffle Cheese-Stuffed Burger With Crispy Trumpet Mushrooms

Truffle Cheese-Stuffed Burger with Crispy Trumpet Mushrooms

Re-imagine your burgers by putting the cheese inside the beef instead of on top. (Mind blowing!)

Serve with some sauteed mushrooms instead of onions and you’ve got a burger that’s both novel and delicious. Find out how to make it here

3. Paul Bunyan Burgers

Taste of home

On the outside, these burgers look deceptively plain. However, they are stuffed full of tasty treats. Smokey bacon, mushrooms, and gooey cheese.

Seasoned and flavoured with a hint of horseradish and Worcester source, this burger is a sure crowd pleasure. Read the full recipe.

4. Double Pimento Burger With Crispy Bacon

double pimento burger with crispy bacon

This might just be the ultimate burger. If you are going to serving burgers as the main attraction at your bbq out then I recommend that you give this a try at least once.

Double burgers served with pimento cheese. What’s not to love? Oh and if you’ve never tried pimento cheese before, then you are in for a real treat. Get the recipe here.

5. Insanity Burger

Insanity Burger

Here’s one from celebrity chef Jamie Oliver. His insanity burger is awesome. As you grill them, you’re going to brush them with mustard and tobacco which results in an incredible layer of flavorful seasoning.

The recipe calls for picking up proper mince from the local butchers instead of going to the grocery store. It’s definitely worth the trip. Read the recipe

6. Bloody Mary Burger

bloody mary burger

This is a South African treat dreamt up by Jan Braai. Essentially, he’s taken the same ingredients you would add to a bloody mary cocktail and used them to create a delicious burger.

Try it. It’s…different. Get the recipe.

7. Bourbon Burger

Bouron burger

Add a couple of teaspoons of bourbon to your mince meat for a great smokey flavour. Oh, and the bourbon sauce will blow your mind. Read the recipe.

8. Bacon Wrapped Burgers

bacon wrapped burger

Whilst it may take a while to create a perfect weave and wrap each pattie in bacon, the result is well worth it. If you want to impress your guests – this is one to bust out.

Serve with your favourite bun and sauces then let this masterpiece do the talking! Read the recipe

9. Sriracha Ranch Bacon Cheeseburgers

Sriracha Ranch Bacon Cheeseburgers

This is a super simple burger to make but it packs some flavour thanks to Hidden Valley’s new Siracha Ranch Sauce (Available at Walmart etc) It packs a little heat for those that like a spicy treat. Read the recipe.

10. Smoked Mexican Burgers With Chorizo And Smoked Poblanos

smoked mexican burgers

These burgers are amazing. Chorizo and beef mince. Smoked slowly to begin with then finished off on the grill for that perfect char on the outside. Check the recipe out here.

11. Korean BBQ Burger

Koren BBQ Burger

Give your guests a Korean inspired delight with this little bad boy.

Using garlic, ginger, soy and a touch of sesame you’re going to transform your ordinary beef burger into an Asian delight. Learn the recipe.

12. Curried Beef Burgers With Mango Cabbage Slaw

curried burgers

Next, an Indian inspired burger. Instead of your usual herbs, mix minced beef with curry powder and turmeric.

Serve with a Mango coleslaw and enjoy! Read the recipe.

13. Candied Bacon Maple Cheddar Burgers

candied maple burgers

There’s a lot going on with this burger but all the ingredients work together to create something truly delicious.

For people with a sweet tooth, these burgers will become their new favourite. Read the recipe.

14. Jalapeno Cheddar Burgers

Jalepeano cheddar burgers

Super delicious. Bite into these burgers to experience a fiery mix of cheddar and Jalepeanos. Read the full recipe.

15. Guinness Burgers

guinness burger

Marinate your beef mince in strong Guinness to give your burger an amazing depth of flavour.

Serve with caramelised onions, cheese and a spicy mayo. Get the recipe.

16. Campfire Burgers

Campfire burgers

The liquid smoke just make these burgers sing. Check them out. Get the recipe.

17. Jamaican Jerk Burgers

Jamaican Jerk Burgers

These burgers will definitely spice up your next BBQ. The combination of hot n spicy burgers and a cool refreshing citrus coleslaw is amazing! Get the recipe.

What’s your go-to burger recipe when firing up the grill?

Let us know below.

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