Best Outdoor Gas Fire Pit Reviews Of 2024

Whether you’re trying to enhance your outdoor decor with something unique, or you want a central heating source for keeping guests warm on cool evenings, an outdoor gas fire pit brings a lot of value to your backyard real estate. Propane fueled, energy-efficient, and attractive, there are some really great options once you start looking. Just be sure to read the specs!

If you want the best outdoor gas fire pit, or at least the best value for your money, you’ve come to the right page! The home and outdoor furniture experts at Fire Food Chef examined over two hundred outdoor fire pits, and winnowed it down to ten incredible value-packed choices.

Most of the selections in this best outdoor gas fire pit reviews are a combination of fire pit table and gas tank storage table. This provides an attractive, complimentary side table for keeping your gas supply accessible, yet out of sight. If space is a consideration, check out the sleek and powerful Outland Firebowl.

Read on to find the fire pit table of your dreams! 

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U-MAX 44in Outdoor Propane Gas Fire Pit Table Review

U-MAX 44in Outdoor Propane Gas Fire Pit Table

Why is it better?

  • Easy to assemble
  • Smokeless burn - clean propane
  • High quality stainless steel

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Last Updated: January 3, 2024

By William Clay: This article has been updated to reflect the most accurate information regarding outdoor gas fire pits available for those who are interested in staying warm outside during the cold weather. The best 10 available have changed, and information has been added to assist individuals in finding the best outdoor gas fire pits currently available on the market.

Best Outdoor Gas Fire Pit Top 10 Picks Of 2024

10 Best Outdoor Gas Fire Pit Reviews

Whether you’re hosting a cozy football party in your spacious backyard in the crisp Autumn air, or firing up your electric smoker for some savory smoked brisket on a frigid winter night, a quality fire pit table is a great way to keep your guests comfortably warm.

In this Outdoor Gas Fire Pit review, you’ll get an in depth detailed look at the features of all the top ten picks.

50,000 BTU Auto-Ignition Gas Firepit with Glass Wind Guard, Black Tempered Glass Tabletop & Blue Glass Stone, Aluminum Frame & PE Rattan, CSA Certified

Designed with an attractive, hand-woven PE rattan exterior, the U-MAX 44in Outdoor Propane Gas Fire Pit Table is our top choice for the best outdoor gas fire pit. Elegant, energy efficient, and clean burning, this propane gas fire pit table makes an attractive centerpiece for any outdoor space you want to bring warmth.

Requiring two people to assemble, the instructions are easy to follow and all the necessary parts are included to get the job done within half an hour. At 50,000 BTU’s, you can entertain guests comfortably with the press of a button. The weather resistant rattan retains its finish throughout the seasons, but the UV-proof fire pit cover ensures your investment will last for years to come.

Key Features

  • Dimensions: 44 x 28 x 25 inches
  • 1 x Fire Pit Table with Burner Lid
  • 1 x Fire Pit Cover (Waterproof and UV Resistant)
  • 50,000 BTU Burner with pre-attached 2.4’ ft Hose & Regulator
  • Tempered Glass Wind Guard
  • Ocean Blue Decorative Glass Stone Set (11 lbs)
  • Accessories Bag (Includes Screws, Nuts & Washers)
  • Product Manual

Best Suited For:

Outdoor Patio or Event Space

What We Like...

  • EASY TO ASSEMBLE: Although it’s a two person job, all the necessary hardware and tools are included with the U-MAX 44in to make the assembly easier. All in all, it should take about 30 minutes to complete the assembly with two people.
  • 50,000 BTU OUTPUT: The U-MAX 44in Outdoor Propane Gas Fire Pit Table produces a 50,000 BTU output, almost 3x the output of your kitchen oven. This outdoor fire pit will certainly keep you and your friends comfortably warm even in temperatures below the freezing point.
  • 20LB PROPANE CAPACITY: The connector is suitable for 20lb cylinder tank, allowing for several hours of consistent heat without the need to refuel.
  • SAFETY CERTIFIED: The propane fire pit table has CSA certification to ensure the highest standard of safety for you and those around you [1]. A push button, spark ignition system ensures simple, fast and convenient control when you need instant warmth. (AAA Battery required)
  • SMOKELESS BURN: Thanks to its unique design and stainless steel burner, the attractive U-MAX 44in Outdoor Fire Pit Table burns clean, smokeless propane. No harsh, irritating, cough-inducing fumes that leave guests gasping and eyes stinging. You can enjoy warmth outdoors in ultimate comfort.
  • DURABLE QUALITY: The fire pit burner and control panel are made of high-quality 304 Stainless Steel for a longer service life. It’s sturdy yet light enough to move around your patio even with a full 20lb tank of gas.The reliable all-weather-resistant PE rattan adds impressive strength and durability [2]. The frame of the gas fire pit table is also made of sturdy, powder-coated aluminum, which is both rust resistant and heat resistant.


There really hasn’t been any negative feedback about this amazing gas fire pit table. It’s the largest in size, so it may not be suitable for a small backyard but that’s not really a drawback. Overall, there isn’t a better gas fire pit in terms of quality, price, or performance.


With UV and Weather Resistant Durable Cover, 24-Inch Diameter 58,000 BTU

Made by Outland Living, The Outland Firebowl 883 is a noted “Amazon choice” for the best gas fire pit. As the runner up in this outdoor gas fire pit review, it compares favorably with the U-MAX 44in, with only two minor drawbacks we’ll get to later.

Currently the Outland Firebowl 883 is the largest in the company’s signature line of outdoor gas fire pits. It can also be the perfect way to add ambience to your outdoor patio space, event or gathering, at a very reasonable price.

This all-weather fire bowl delivers a clean and smokeless flame to achieve a soothing, log fire effect. It also comes complete with a fire kit that includes a pre-attached 10-Ft hose compatible with any standard 5 gallon (20 lb) propane tank cylinder, and a fully adjustable regulator controlled by a chrome valve knob.


  • Dimensions: 24 x 24 x 13 inches
  • Weight: 34 pounds
  • 58,000 BTU/Hr Output
  • 24” inch Bowl Width
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Stainless Steel Burner
  • UV/Weather Resistant Durable Cover
  • 1 Yr Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty

Best Suited For:

Camping, RV excursions, tailgating events, beach parties, family gatherings on the backyard patio.

What We Like...

  • PREMIUM GRADE STAINLESS STEEL CONSTRUCTION: This is sure to last you for several years. Considering the price, the Outland Firebowl 883 is durable steel construction with a protective enamel finish for enhanced longevity. With proper use and regular cleaning, this outdoor firebowl should last you a long time. Highly resistant to corrosion and weather thanks to the stainless steel build, but it also includes a cover!
  • 58,000/hr BTU STAINLESS STEEL BURNER: Even during most campfire bans, you can still use the Outland Living 883 and enjoy instant heat. Can easily heat a 1000 sq ft space with poor insulation to a comfortable 72 degrees fahrenheit.
  • 5 GALLON PROPANE TANK CAPACITY: Although it comes with 6.6 pound set of lava rocks, the Outland Firebowl 883 also includes a stabilizer ring, regulator and 10” inch hose for attaching a 5 gallon propane tank. Fewer tank changes are needed as a result. Eliminates the expense of buying wood or charcoal for fuel.
  • ADJUSTABLE FLAME: Use the chrome valve knob to adjust the height and ambience of the flames. Works just like a gas BBQ grill so you can instantly and easily set the heat level as you need to.
  • DURABLE COVER: UV and weather resistant protects your firebowl from the elements when not in use. Fits snugly on to ensure the most coverage. Store in poorly insulated places like your garage or tool shed and it should last for several years.
  • NO FUSS CLEAN UP: No messy ash or charcoal remains to dump. Lava rocks are included to help you get your campfire going quickly with no fuss, and hassle-free cleanup.


  • MANUAL IGNITION: It’s a small issue, but the manual ignition can be a bit of a pain. A push-button ignition would be a welcome improvement, but not a dealbreaker.
  • PROPANE CONSUMPTION: Due to its 58,000 BTU/Hr output, the Outland Firebowl 883 can consume quite a bit of propane in a relatively short space of time. You could finish a 5 gallon propane tank if used for a full 60 minutes. Used in brief intervals, it provides very adequate warmth.

50,000BTU Fire Pit, Black

Some say everything looks better in black, and in the case of the 28 inch, BALI OUTDOORS Fire Pit LP Gas Fireplace, they’re right! For runner up, this competitively priced outdoor gas fire pit table delivers ambience, warmth, and convenience in all the right measures!

Simple, straight lines and the black finish give this lightweight but sturdy fire pit table much of its outward appeal, but the performance is what matters. And the 50,000 BTU’s of heat this propane fueled fire pit puts out is nothing short of impressive

Although it costs more than the Outland Firebowl, it’s much larger and produces the same amount of heat as the top pick in this review, the U-MAX 44in. The black finish will hide scuff marks better than aluminum or silver stainless steel, and it will keep you warm any night of the year.


  • Dimensions: 28 x 28 x 25 inches
  • Weight: 49.6 pounds
  • 50,000 BTU Stainless Steel Burner
  • Hidden Control Panel 
  • Push Button Ignition

Best Suited For:

Outdoor Patio or Event Space
20lb Propane Tank Required (5-gallon)

What We Like...

  • HASSLE-FREE ASSEMBLY: Granted it’s a two person job, but the assembly instructions are easy to follow and all the necessary parts are included.
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: A durable and sturdy body made of lightweight metal supports the 20lb tank and lava rocks for hours of amazing heat and ambience outdoors. The burner cover adds further protection from the elements when it’s not in use. You can go back to it time and after time, turn it on and instantly start feeling the heat.
  • EASY TO USE AND CLEAN: No messy charcoal, no ash or grime to remove. Just attach the 20 lb propane tank to the connector and press the ignition button. The stainless steel burner ignites with the push of the button for hassle-free use
  • HIDDEN CONTROL PANEL: The Bali Outdoor Gas Fire Pit features a hidden control panel with electronic ignition and a safety valve. There’s also a concealed storage cabinet for the propane tank to keep it neatly out of sight.


  • FIRE PIT COVER NOT INCLUDED: Sadly, you have to purchase the 30” x 30” inch cover for the Bali Outdoor Fire Pit Table.
  • IGNITER NEEDS IMPROVEMENT: It’s a bit hit and miss with the igniter, which kind of defeats the purpose of having a convenient push-button ignition. You can usually get the flame going with a lighter, but still, considering the price it could be a bit more reliable.
  • GAS VALVE POSITIONED CLOSE TO HEAT: Some may find the positioning of the gas valve a bit too close to the bottom of the bowl where the fire pot burns.

Hammered Black

Review Rating: 4.8 / 5 Stars

Available in two colors, The Legacy Heating Rectangular Fire Pit Table is an elegant piece of outdoor patio furniture in hammered black finish that hides scuffs, marks and discoloration well. Weather resistant extruded aluminum steel is sturdy enough to withstand years of use, but it’s the 50,000 BTU’s that’s really going to make your evening.

Fueled by a standard 20 lb liquid propane tank stored inside the table, the Legacy Heating 56 inch Gas Fire Pit ignites with a press of a button to keep you and your guests toasty for several hours. The narrow rectangular table design makes a great centerpiece. Hidden beneath fire glass rocks, the stainless steel burner generates both warmth and ambience for the perfect cozy night out under the stars.

With its reliable control knob for adjusting the temperature, easy access side door for concealing your propane, and a table lid, the Legacy Heating 56-Inch Outdoor Propane Gas Aluminum Fire Pit Table also includes a weather-proof cover. The cover isn’t the highest quality, however, so you might want to get your own separately.

Purchased as a gift or for someone you care about, you won’t regret this investment.

Less costly than an Instant Pot or Ninja, the Crock-Pot SCCPPC800-V1 Multi-Use XL Express truly delivers exceptional value. Solidly constructed, this large size 8 quart capacity cooker with a non-stick inner pot, and large digital readout is fun to use and easy to clean.

At about half the price of an Instant Pot of equivalent size, the Crock-Pot XL Express series is a more economical option, without compromising on quality. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the consistent great performance, meal after meal!

50,000 BTU Outdoor Patio Rustic Farmhouse Wood Finish Propane Fire Pit Table and Gas Tank Storage Side Table w/Weather-Resistant Pit Cover, Lava Rocks, Brown

Review Rating: 4.7 / 5 Stars
Fire table and side table combo, the BCP Outdoor Gas Fire Pit Table has a rustic, natural wood appearance that compliments any outdoor space. It’s the perfect way to keep guests on a cool Autumn evening, or enjoy an intimate backyard patio dinner for two. Roast marshmallows over the open flame while you enjoy a glass of your favorite wine, the BCP Gas Fire Table is a great bargain.

The Fire Table is spacious enough to serve as a patio table during the day. In the evening, as the temperature dips, you simply remove the burner lid centerpiece, attach your 20 lb propane tank, and push the ignition button. With 50,000 BTU’s it compares favorably to many of the best outdoor gas fire tables.

During our review, however, we discovered two concerns. First, the igniter doesn’t always work on the initial try. Due to its built-in safety features, the BCP Fire Table shuts off automatically to prevent overheating. You may leave to go inside and come back to your patio to discover that the flame is out yet again.

Another issue is the paint finish on the exterior. An extra can of touch up paint is included with your purchase, but the exterior can get easily scuffed or scratched. The blend of magnesium and steel makes it more lightweight, but the surface scratches very easily [3].

Overall, the BCP is attractive and it works but doesn’t perform as well as other gas fire tables.

Black Tempered Table Top w/Arctic Ice Glass Rocks and Resin Wicker Panels, Espresso Brown/Rectangle

Review Rating: 4.7 / 5 Stars
If you’re already familiar with the Outland 883 Firebowl, you’re probably going to love the Outland Living Series 401 Gas Fire Pit Table. With its international award winning design, it’s easy to say why Outland furniture patio is so popular.

The rectangular table design with its weatherproof resin wicker exterior is elegant, functional and durable. The clear glass lid allows you to cover the burn pan and makes the entire table flush when not in use for fire.

Tempered glass surface, open flames, this espresso colored UV HDPE (Ultraviolet Light High Density Polyethylene) wicker is all weather resistant material that will last for years. Built in safety mechanisms protect the fire table from overheating or wasting gas, while temperature and flame adjustment can be handled with the turn of a knob.

At 35,000 BTU’s, the Outland Living Series 401 isn’t as powerful as the Outland 883, or some of the other picks in this review. The stainless steel burner ignites with a push-button starter that is much more reliable than some other brands with similar features. If you do experience any problems with the operation of your Outland fire table, their customer service is responsive and solution-oriented. 

(Blue Fireglass)

Review Rating: 4.5 / Stars
If you can get past the somewhat confusing directions for assembly, the Endless Summer 30” Outdoor Gas Fire Pit Table really was made for cozy backyard patios. With its easy-start ignition
and decorative side panels, this fire pit is the perfect size. You can use it as a central heating source or a decorative centerpiece.

When you’re ready to entertain guests on a less-than-cozy evening, the Endless Summer Fire Pit Table provides ambience and warmth. The fire pit comes equipped with decorative blue fire glass and a PVC vinyl cover to protect the fire bowl from weather.

Decorative side panels on the table are removable, allowing you to store your 20lb propane tank easily and safely. Lighting the fire table can be a bit of a challenge but the directions in the user manual offer some clarity. The key is to hold the ignition down for a few seconds.

Since it’s not as powerful as any of the top 3 picks, you have to get pretty close to feel the heat. You can easily roast marshmallows or s’mores thanks to the open flame burner. With some blue fire glass placed over the flames, you’ll feel warmth as well as ambience emanating for hours.

Less costly than any of the top 3 picks as well, the Endless Summer Fire Pit Table can be a great choice for a small outdoor space. It looks more like a side table than a centerpiece, but the sturdiness and overall durability make this fire pit a decent value for your money.

Powder Coating Wicker Look, a Table Lid Included

Review Rating: 4.5 / 5 Stars
Significantly less costly than the No. 7 pick for best outdoor gas fire pit table, the LEGACY HEATING 28-Inch Square Gas Fire Pit Table is a wicker-style bistro table in a rich dark brown. It has a table lid, a 48,000BTU burner and a concealed storage space for a twenty pound propane gas tank.

Sturdy and well-designed, this fire table does an adequate job of keeping you warm outdoors. There’s room in the fire pit to add lava rocks for ambience, and the open flames are high enough for you to comfortably roast marshmallows while you curl up on your favorite patio lounge chair under the stars.

You can easily adjust the height and intensity of the flames using the external control knob. Perhaps the one sticking point is the built-in igniter, which can be unreliable. Assembling the Legacy is a two-person job, and takes about forty-five minutes, which isn’t bad at all. The instructions are fairly straightforward, and all the necessary screws are included.

Still, this is a much lower priced outdoor gas fire table than any of the other previous selections. It’s got more BTU’s than some of the other higher-ranked fire pits on this list, with the same twenty pound capacity. For such an economic price point, the Legacy is an attractive patio furniture piece that offers great value for the money. 

Auto-Ignition Outdoor Propane 50,000 BTU

Review Rating: 4.4 / 5 Stars
Made by Tacklife, this 28 inch Gas Fire Pit Table with Cover is a powerful 50,000BTU outdoor heating source for backyards and cold nights. Durable stainless steel components, hand painted details, and the rattan-style exterior give this square fire table much of its appeal.

With the table lid in place, the Tacklife Gas Fire Pit Table functions as an elegant side table or bistro table for outside. Remove the lid, and the clean-burning, propane-fueled open flames instantly add ambience and warmth to your backyard patio.

Fitted with an auto ignition and external stainless steel controller, starting and adjusting the temperature is a breeze. It also comes with some lava rocks for the fire pit, and a concealed storage space with a shelf for the propane tank.

Of course, once you add the lava rocks, you might be blocking the ventilation that’s needed to sustain the flames. As a result, occasionally, the fire will go out. That being said, this is a common problem you’ll experience with even the best outdoor gas fire table, and not a defect per se.

Overall, if you want an economic alternative to the top picks that is easy to assemble, compliments your decor, and keeps you warm, the Tacklife Gas Fire Pit Table is a good way to go.

Review Rating: 4.2 / 5 Stars
Last on our list of the best outdoor gas fire pit tables is the circular, 30,000BTU Bond 67456 Pinyon Gas Stone Look Fire Pit, by Bond Manufacturing. Designed for use with a twenty pound propane gas tank, it’s made of 100% fire resistant inorganic material, with a fairly realistic stone look to it that is truly unique among the selections in this review.

The open flames and circular fire pit are appealing and add a unique kind of ambience to any outdoor decor. With its minimal design and assembly requirements, the Bond 67456 Pinyon Gas Stone Look Fire Pit is also considerably less costly than other brands. It’s ideally suited for a small, cozy backyard patio area for two or three people.

Unlike the previous picks, getting the flame started requires a bit of finessing. First, you need to push the igniter and turn the gas knob simultaneously. You have to gently turn the gas knob as you let it pop back out. If it pops out all the way, the flame goes out.

Since there is no storage container or concealed storage space for gas, you’ll need to keep your 20 pound propane gas tank within reach. Fortunately, the hose is ten feet, which is a fairly adequate amount of reach.

You will be pleased to learn, however, that the Bond 67456 Pinyon Gas Stone Look Fire Pit includes a cover to protect it from the elements, which is one less thing you’ll need to buy. And considering the relatively low price point, your investment will go a long way. 

A Few Gas Fire Pit Buying Tips

A gas fire pit can be a very economical alternative to a real campfire, but some research is required to operate one. Using any device that requires propane gas can be dangerous. Be sure to read the user manual and comply with the directions for proper use and care of your gas fire pit.

Buying Factors To Consider

The vast majority of fire pit tables need to be assembled when you purchase them. Consider the level of difficulty that may be required to assemble your fire pit table. Quality brands will include all the necessary components for a hassle-free assembly, including a user manual. Some fire pit tables require at least two people to assemble. Research as many reviews of the best fire pits as possible to get an idea of what you can expect.

There’s no doubt that quality construction materials make all the difference when it comes to the durability of your outdoor gas fire pit table. Quality materials means your fire pit will be weather resistant, UV resistant and heat resistant. If it includes a fire pit table cover made of all-weather material, you’ll have added protection against even the harshest elements.

Hand woven rattan designs look attractive, but natural rattan is not as weather resistant as PE rattan. Stainless steel burners last longer than aluminum, but ceramic burners are also a good option, especially due to their high efficiency.

One of the key reasons a gas fire pit table is such a great outdoor heat source is the convenience it offers over conventional wood or charcoal fire pits. Most of the best gas fire pits feature push-start ignition, at least that’s what they advertise. If you comb the reviews for the brand or model that interests you, you’ll get valuable insight from actual users about the reliability of their claims.

The higher the BTU output, the hotter your fire pit will burn. The average kitchen oven produces an average 16,000 - 17,000 BTU’s per hour, enough to produce high cooking temperatures above 500 degrees fahrenheit [4]. Any fire pit table with 20,000 BTU’s and up should be sufficient for a 10 x 12 sq ft outdoor space easily. Many portable units offer 50,000 BTU’s and more.


Campfire Bans and Fire Pit Restrictions

Depending on where you live, there may be ordinances or restrictions regarding the use or building of campfires and fire pits [5]. Before investing in a quality propane gas fire pit, research your neighborhood by zip code to be sure you comply.

What Can I Burn In An Outdoor Fire Pit?

Lava rocks are an excellent choice of fuel when using a gas fire pit but there are a few other options. Some types of wood, such as oak, cedar, hickory, inion wood, alder, mesquite, and pecan, give off a clean burn and a pleasant odor. You can even burn fruit woods for fuel, such as apple or cherry.

Avoid burning pressure treated wood in your fire pit, to avoid releasing harmful chemicals. 

Are Lava Rocks Better Than Wood For My Fire Pit?

It’s a simple question, but worth considering. The charm and ambience of a natural wood-burning fire can leave a lasting impression and create cherished memories. There’s the smell and the sound of crackling wood that evokes an experience as old as the stone age.

Lava rocks, however, burn cleaner than wood and leave less mess to clean up afterward. Lava rocks distribute heat more evenly than wood, reducing the presence of cold spots that don’t quite heat up. They also provide added insulation to keep your flame burning longer. 

Pros And Cons Of An Outdoor Gas Fire Pit

Pros And Cons Of An Outdoor Gas Fire Pit


  • Gas fire pits are easier to ignite than wood burning fire pits. Many feature quick-start ignition with the push of a button.
  • A gas fire pit is easier to clean and produces less mess (ash, soot, creosote, etc)
  • Propane gas is a clean-burning fuel and more eco-friendly than wood or charcoal
  • Propane gas is affordable and widely available in various sizes.


  • Propane gas burns quickly. Large capacity gas tanks are required for several hours when burning at high temperatures.
  • Disposing empty propane gas cylinders needs to be done at an appropriate facility. Cannot be disposed of with regular garbage.


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