2020’S Best Gas Smokers Under $200: Top 3 Picks For Your Budget

Here at Fire Food Chef we love a good gas smoker. While you don't quite have the ease and convenience of an electric or pellet smoker, you can still make amazing meals with a little practice.

One of the main benefits of a gas smoker is the price.

We have put this small guide together to showcase all the best propane smoker under $200. 

For the past 5 years we have been using all kinds of smokers - for our families, for parties and for commercial functions. This means we have used and tested A LOT of smokers, so are more than qualified to recommend our top picks.

In a Hurry? This was our Winner:

editors pick
Masterbuilt GS30D Propane 2-Door Smoker

Why is it better?

  • Tons of cooking space
  • Reliable temperature control 
  • Cooking performance infusing smokey flavor

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Last Updated: June 2, 2019

By William Clay: This article has been updated to reflect the most accurate information regarding our choices for propane smokers that cost less than $200. Information has been added to assist individuals in finding the best affordable smokers currently available on the market.

After testing literally hundred of smokers over the years, we have concluded that the Masterbuilt 20051311 2 Door is the best gas smoker (under $200) on the market.

Best Gas Smokers Under $200

After testing so many gas smokers over the years we have come to the conclusion that the Masterbuilt 20051311 GS30D 2-Door Propane Smoker is one of the best.

It combines a great amount of cooking space, with the high quality you would expect from Masterbuilt. All of this is bundled up into a very competitively priced unit.

TOP Pick: Masterbuilt 20051311 GS30D

Masterbuilt 20051311 GS30D 2-Door Propane Smoker

Smokey and reliable smoker

"This cheap gas smoker gives an amazing taste with a smokey flavour. If you are looking to get into the world of smoking, this unit is for you"

Quick Summary:

The Masterbuilt 20051311 GS30D 2-Door Propane Smoker has a whopping 717 square inches of cooking space - compared to traditional pellet smokers, this is massive. But this is not all the Masterbuild has to offer.

One of the main reasons this is our top gas smoker pick is because you get great features at a ridiculously low price - in fact it is the cheapest smoker out of the three in this review.

Some of the great features include a great temperature controller, awesome heat seal-in technology and very easy clean-up. Apart from these, you can always guarantee this smoker will give you smoky and flavourful results that will change the way you cook forever. 

We are very impressed with this gas smokers performance and build quality.

While it doesn't come with a long warranty, it has loads of loads of positive reviews. This leads us to believe that that it has high customer value and you wouldn't regret buying it. 

Overall, in our opinion, this is the best gas smoker under $200.


  • check
    Very affordable way to get into smoking
  • check
    Comes with lots of free accessories
  • check
    Very large cooking space - 717 square inches
  • check
    Durable construction by a great manufacturer
  • check
    Very easy to assemble


  • 90 day warranty - probably because of the low price

Why Is This Our Best Propane Smoker Under $200?

The Masterbuilt 20051311 belongs at the top of our list for a number of reasons:

  • We have analysed and tested tons of different smokers over the years, but the Masterbuilt stood out for its build quality, easy of use and low price. In the past 38 days, this smokers has received over 30 positive reviews which leads us to believe that we aren't the only ones who hold this unit in high regard.
  • The Masterbuilt is the cheapest in this review - an affordable price of under $170. Despite its low price, it still comes with tons of great features. It's warranty is relatively short at just 90 days, but it is more than enough for you to decided if this smoker is for you.
  • The Masterbuilt comes with a few accessories that you would usually have to purchase; a gas supply regulator and cooking control temperature. Both of these accessories make it really easy to control the temperature throughout the smoking process.
  • check
    It has over 1,000 reviews on Amazon. This makes us confident that this product is truly 'tried and tested' by literally thousands of happy customers.


Runner Up: Camp Chef SMV18S

Camp Chef SMV18S

A great 'all-in-one' gas smoker

"This is a must-have, compact smoker with an amazing price tag. All of your dishes will be full of delicious smokey flavour!"

Quick Summary:

If you love to customise things to exactly suit your preferences, then the Camp Chef SMV18S if the gas smoker for you.

It has damper valves which allow you to control the heat. It has several smoker racks and adjustable heat control dials. 

How smokey do you like your food? How much flavour do you want to infuse your meat with? You can control all of this with the Camp Chef meaning your food is cooked exactly to your liking.

While the price is super affordable, it delivers top 'chef-level' performance with a little practice.  It is suitable for both home and outdoor thanks to being so compact, and as it is only 65 pounds, you could even use it as a portable gas smoker.

While this smoker came very close to being our top pick, after doing extensive research we came to the conclusion that price is the main difference. While not expensive - just over $180 - it is a little more than the Masterbuilt. The features and quality of food you can make is pretty much the same.

Overall, in our opinion, this is a close second best gas smoker under $200.


  • check
    Very cheap price
  • check
    Has a large cooking space
  • check
    It is light-weight and portable
  • check
    You can self-assemble it quickly and easy
  • check
    Has multiple heat controls


  • Doesn't come with any accessories

Why Is This Our Runner Up Gas Smoker Under $200?

The Camp Chef Smoke Vault came a very close second because of the following great features: