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Who wouldn't want a little extra flavor in their grilled meats and veggies! Here at Fire Food Chef, we're always looking for new ways to help you make your BBQs extra special. Below we list out top choices for the best Grill Flavorizer. Enjoy!

There may be no smoke without fire, but can you get that smoky flavor without fire? Gas grills are certainly more common in backyards nowadays and there have been many innovations to try to emulate that grill taste.

Lava rocks were the primary way of recreating that charcoal flavor before Weber introduced their innovative flavorizer bars.

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Flavorized Bars On Grill

Now, most Weber gas grills come with flavorizer bars and they can also be used with many other brands of grill as well.

Due to their very nature of operation, flavorizer bars take more punishment than many other parts of the grill.

Flavorizer bars are subjected to high temperatures from the burners and messy drippings from the food above.

Occasionally they will need replacing and we have looked at some of the best grill flavorizer replacements available.

Best Overall: UNICOOK Universal Adjustable Flavorizer Bars

These third-party flavorizer bar replacements from UNICOOK will fit all Weber gas grills and most other brands too.

An extending design allows them to fit over burners which are between 11.75 inches and 21 inches long.

At 3.75 inches wide, they should accommodate most multi-burner gas grills.

Constructed with a heavy duty porcelain steel, which will last longer than most grills.

The pack we looked at includes four of the bars, although you can also purchase in a single pack or a pack of three.

There is also a heavy duty, stainless steel version of these flavorizers available, for even more durability.


What makes these flavorizer bars our top choice is the versatility they offer. A unique extending design of the bars is easy to fit to any gas grill, with the M5 bolts and wing nuts provided.

These bars will prevent flare-ups and direct exposure to the flames, while distributing the heat more evenly.

Used as replacements for the heat tents provided with your grill, the UNICOOK flavorizer bars will prolong the life of your burners. They are also made from a heavier duty steel than most supplied bars, so they will probably outlast your grill.

The UNICOOK bars are easy to assemble and install with all the parts supplied. The user manual that’s included will assist as you fit the bars. It also comes with complete maintenance and care guidelines.


With the bars being made of two pieces for adjustable length, the overlapping part can block heat holes on some models.

Other users have complained they may be too wide for smaller models, distributing the heat unevenly.

An issue for some Weber grills may be the height of the bars and the angle of elevation. Weber flavorizer bars are also intended to direct any remaining grease into the grease management system.

A flavorizer tent that is too short or the wrong angle may cause more mess to clean up.

Extra Features

  • Universal fit for a wider range of grills—check your original part’s dimensions first
  • All nuts and bolts needed for assembly are included
  • Available in single packs if you only need to replace one, or simply to try for size

Buying Advice

Unfortunately, there will come a day when you need to replace the flavorizer bars on your grill. Even Weber original parts are not immune to corrosion or grease build up.

These universal-fitting grill flavorizer bars are made from a heavy-duty steel, which is of a better quality than those supplied as standard with most grills.

The thicker steel will last longer, provide a better heat distribution and add more of that smoky flavor you’re looking for.

Best of all, they’re half the price of official manufacturer flavorizer bars, and come in packs of one, three, or four.

Runner-Up: Weber 7536 Porcelain-Enameled Flavorizer Bars

These official Weber porcelain-enameled flavorizer bars measure 22.5 inches long with a width of 2.3 inches.

The set of five bars is designed to fit the Spirit 300 series, Spirit 700,

Genesis Silver B/C, Genesis Gold B/C, Genesis Platinum, and Weber 900 gas grills.

Being porcelain-enameled steel, they carry a Weber 2-year warranty for no burn-through or rust.


Many enthusiasts, having spent the extra cash on a Weber grill, prefer to stick with official Weber parts and accessories.

Sure, you pay the extra money for the name, but customers are rarely disappointed. As long as you ensure you order the correct part, you know it will be a perfect fit.

These bars will fit a large variety of Weber grills. The vent holes in the top of the bars will be in the exact place for the burner holes, assuming you’re still using original Weber burner tubes.

The precise angle of the flavorizer bars will drain away more grease and debris to the waste management tray.


Just because they say Weber on the box doesn’t mean they’ll fit all Weber gas grills. Armed with your model number and year of manufacture, check carefully the list of supported models.

Returns are possible, but due to the weight of the product, it can often be impractical.

These porcelain-enameled steel bars are merely replacements for the ones that came with your grill. If you want to upgrade to something which is more durable, you should be looking at the stainless steel flavorizer bars.

You can get similar porcelain-enameled bars from third-party manufacturers at cheaper prices—and sometimes better quality too.

Extra Features

  • Easy to install and remove—there’s no need for a professional service. However, Weber authorized centers will service your grill and install the bars if you desire
  • Comes with five bars in every set
  • Extends the life of Weber grills

Buying Advice

When you own a Weber gas grill, buying the official manufacturer’s flavorizer bar replacement is the easy option.

As long as you choose the right set for your model of grill, you know they will be an exact fit. However, you will pay for that privilege—Weber official parts often cost twice as much as third-party alternatives.

That’s not to say you don’t get value with Weber parts. If looked after correctly, they will last for many years to come.

Sometimes, the less expensive third-party bars can be just as good quality, if not better. However, they may also not offer the same warranty that Weber does. If you have the extra money to spare, it’s purely a matter of personal choice.

Best Grill Flavorizer Bars for Weber Grills: Weber 7635 Porcelain-Enameled Flavorizer Bars

These Weber replacement flavorizer bars are shorter than the previous ones.

Porcelain enameled, they measure just 15.3 inches by 3.5 inches wide with a depth of 2.5 inches.

In addition, using official Weber parts will protect the warranty of your grill with a 10-year warranty.

We have included another set of Weber flavorizer bars, as they are the most commonly used grills with flavorizers as standard.


The patented steel bars from Weber help create that delicious barbecue flavor. By vaporizing the juices and drippings from your meat, they create smoke. The porcelain-enameled steel works for a better heat distribution.

Designed for the Spirit 200 series grill, they will be perfect for the burners and prevent them from getting bunged up with excess grease.

With a thicker gauge of steel than the originals provided with the Spirit 200 grills, they make for the perfect upgrade without breaking the bank.

The steel tent-like structure will protect your burners, while providing lots of extra flavor. Additionally, the flavorizer bars are an integral part of the Weber grease management system.

Any extra fats or oils from the meat just run into a replaceable drip tray below the cooking area, with less chance of flare-ups.


The Weber gas grill that these bars fit is very specific—they’re made for the Spirit 200 series only. You will also need to check your exact knob configuration, as it may not work with some.

There’s always the argument that Weber is going to cost you more than third-party alternatives, with not too much more quality.

However, you do get that Weber two-year guarantee and the assurance that it won’t affect the warranty of your grill either. If looked after correctly, Weber genuine replacement bars will last you the lifetime of your grill—if not longer.

Extra Features

  • Easy to install
  • Porcelain-enamel coating protects the steel beneath it and will be simple to wipe clean—just make sure you don’t use sharp metal implements on them
  • Weber’s no-fuss guarantee on all official Weber parts

Buying Advice

Personally, I think if you have paid upwards of $1000 for your Weber gas grill, the very least you can do is replace the parts with official Weber products.

There may be cheaper alternatives on the market, but Weber’s just tend to fit and work better most of the time.

Without spending over a $100 on stainless steel flavorizer bars, these are the best replacement bars you will find for your Weber Spirit 200 series grill.

What’s The Deal with Flavorizer Bars?

S/S Flavorizer Bars

If you own a Weber gas grill, particularly the Spirit, Genesis, or Summit models, you will already be familiar with flavorizer bars.

They’re the steel or porcelain tents which sit underneath the grilling surface, and above or on the burner tubes. Flavorizer bars are what make Weber grills work so well, and they serve four purposes:

Flavorizer bars help prevent flare-ups

Any grease or fats that drip off your meats as they cook quickly turn into vapor when it hits the flavorizer.

Any excess grease is directed into a drip tray below. Other “flavor enhancers” like lava rocks can allow the grease to form pools, which flare up or absorb the grease over time.

Better heat distribution

When using a flavorizer bar, the heat from the burner tube is better distributed through the entire firebox. The metal allows the heat to conduct over a larger surface area.

Protection for your burner tubes

An inverted v-shaped piece of steel over your burner will prevent any debris from getting into or blocking the burner tube holes. Keeping your flavorizer bars intact will extend the life of your grill significantly.

Adds smoky flavor and aroma

As the drippings and grease vaporize and turn into smoke, they add some missing flavor and aromas. One of the biggest complaints with gas grills is the lack of smokiness—which flavorizer bars can go some way to remedy.

It’s not just Weber grills that benefit from flavorizer bars, other manufacturers have also started to include steel tents over the burners.

You can even find universal flavorizer bars which will fit almost any gas burner tube for those extra benefits.

How Often Should Flavorizer Bars Be Replaced?

Cleaning Flavorizer Bar

With the correct care and maintenance, flavorizer bars can last for several years, sometimes the lifetime of your grill.

Weber recommends cleaning the bars by turning the grill up to a high temperature for 15 minutes when you finish cooking. 

Most of the accumulated debris will either burn off or turn to ash. If you have cast iron grates fitted, you should remove these first, as you may burn off some seasoning.

After 15 minutes, turn off the gas and allow the flavorizer bars to cool before removing and brushing off any remaining debris with a grill brush.

A wide scraper could also be used, although be careful not to damage any porcelain coating with sharp metal implements.

You could also use this time to clean the burner tubes, the interior of your firebox, and change the drip tray.

Flavorizer bars will not normally need replacing until they either rust through or burn out. Due to the higher temperatures and the grease, the bars will develop surface corrosion over time; this is perfectly normal.

You don’t actually need to replace them until that erosion has developed into holes or cracks.

What to Look for in the Best Grill Flavorizer Bars

Flavorizer Bars In Hand

Sometimes just choosing the manufacturer of your grill’s official replacement parts may seem to be the easiest choice.

Unfortunately, they may not always the best option available. You will often find better quality bars at less expensive prices.

However there are several important factors to consider when choosing the best grill flavorizer bars:


It’s no good buying a flavorizer bar to find it either too short to cover your burner or that it simply doesn’t fit.

You should always select a bar which has the same size as the original part. Check for the model number of your grill, but also check the measurements too, as different manufacturers make different sizes.

Even if buying the original manufacturer’s flavorizer bar replacement, check the year and model number carefully. Although you would expect the official part to be an ideal fit, some are not always suitable for all models.

Quality of Construction

What materials does the flavorizer bar use? Stainless steel is certainly the best and won’t rust or corrode, but is also much more expensive. A popular choice tends to be steel or porcelain-enameled steel, which is more cost effective.

Weber offer a five-year warranty on stainless steel, or two years on porcelain-enameled steel, but both should last longer if properly taken care of. Always try to choose a flavorizer bar which uses the heaviest gauge of steel, or stainless if possible, for more durability.

Safety and Ease of Installation

Most flavorizer bars can nowadays be installed by the user at home. Manufacturers will often include a customer manual which assist you to install the bars yourself.

If they’re adjustable bars, make sure all screws and bolts are tightly fastened before use.

Check that the flavorizer bar doesn’t have any sharp edges which may catch onto your clothing, or cause you to cut yourself when grilling.

It’s also important that there are no overhanging areas near the control knobs of your grill, which could burn you as you use the grill.

Final Thoughts

Weber Genesis II BBQ Flavorizer Bars

Although Weber may have been the innovators of the grill flavorizer bar, other grill manufacturers have jumped on board too.

Since the introduction of flavorizer bars with the Weber Genesis grill in the 1980s, a whole third-party replacement industry has sprung up.

It’s not all about the added flavor and aromas, grill flavorizer bars can also extend the lifetime of your grill.

For non-Weber grills, there are many universal flavorizer bars which can be adjusted to fit, like the UNICOOK product, our top choice. You can even get Weber-specific bars from other manufacturers too.

Choosing the best quality grill flavorizer bar will enhance your gas grilling experience, and, if looked after correctly, will last many years too.

Although they may fit better, don’t assume official manufacturers’ bars are always the best. Choose the best grill flavorizer for your model at a price that suits your budget.

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