The Best BBQ Tongs Buying Guide 2020

Forget those flimsy kitchen tongs and grilling utensils your grandma gave you! No more cheap plastic that flakes, warps, slips out of your hand. You deserve the best, don’t you? Well, the best BBQ tongs are safe versatile and essential to a great grilling experience.

If you’ve been searching for best BBQ tongs you’re in the right place!  Our detailed research has uncovered the best deals for high quality BBQ tongs from leading brands like Oxo, Weber, GrillGrates, Mountain Grillers, Cuisipro and more. 

You’ll find the best in silicon and stainless steel tongs in our detailed BBQ tongs review, along with pros, cons and pricing for each pick. The selections in our list of the best BBQ tongs this year were based on the following 4 criteria: Durability, Ease of Use, Versatility & Affordability.

Check out our chart of this year’s top 11 picks. We’ve also added our top 3 picks for the best BBQ tong gift set as well!