Best BBQ Grill Mats Reviews For Gas, Charcoal, Or Electric Grills

Want to keep your Weber, Traeger, Char Broil, Kamado Egg or steak grilling pan looking shiny new? It’s time you added a premium set of bbq grill mats to your arsenal of grilling accessories!

Premium barbecue grill mats can significantly reduce flare-ups on your charcoal or gas grill, and be used to cook just about anything you desire. Vegetables, meat, fish, pizza, even pancakes and eggs can all be grilled directly on a grill mat, without the need for greasing or oiling the surface.

If you love the taste of gas or charcoal grilled food but don’t enjoy all the rigorous scrubbing and clean-up, a bbq grill mat is your best, most affordable option.

Designed for reuse and disposable, grill mats vary in durability, and heat resistance, the best bbq grill mat should also be dishwasher-safe and free of harmful chemicals that could be absorbed into your food.  Check out our best bbq grill mats reviews Of 2024 below to find the right set for you, and go get your grillin’ on!

10 Best BBQ Grill Mat Reviews Of 2024

product image of renook grill mat set of 6

Overview: The Renook Grill Mat Set of 6 is this year’s top pick for best bbq grill mats, and over 500 Amazon users agree. Winner of the Amazon Choice for “grill mat”, the Renook Set includes six non-stick BBQ grill mats that are heavy duty, reusable, and easy to clean. Use them to grill delicious meats and vegetables on electric, gas or charcoal BBQ grills.

The Renook grill mat is thin enough to leave grill marks and flavor intact, and thick enough to provide ultimate heat resistance and durability. Whether you’re grilling a barbecue dinner for a full house or only occasionally firing up the grill, this 6 pack of grill mats can meet all your needs!

What We Like:

  • VERSATILE: Each of the black BBQ grill mats is 15.75 x 13” inches, large enough to cover a standard charcoal grill. You can also cut the grill mats to fit the shape of your cooking surface.  Multiple grill mats are also very useful for separating vegetables from your meats on the grill, or grilling different meats simultaneously on a large grill.
  • FDA-APPROVED MATERIALS: The Renook BBQ grill mats are made from 100% PFOA-Free materials and premium PTFE-Fiberglass coating [1]. You can relax knowing there are no PFOA, silicone or other dangerous chemicals used in the material.
  • DURABLE AND HEAT RESISTANT: Quality grill mats should stand up well under high heat even after repeated use, and the Renook bbq mats do just that. Used properly, they’ll keep your grill clean, cook your food right through and the grill lines will still show through! If the use time exceeds 30 minutes, the maximum cooking temperature on your grill should not exceed 260 degrees Fahrenheit. When grilling for a short time, these bbq grill mats can withstand a maximum temperature of 400 degrees Fahrenheit, which is great for cooking burgers, sausages, vegetables, or fish.
  • DISHWASHER SAFE AND REUSABLE: Both sides of the Renook BBQ grill mats can be used over 100 times. Their non-stick surface doesn’t need oil, grease or butter to keep food from sticking, and are super-easy to clean. You just pop them in the top shelf of your dishwasher and they come out spotless!
diagram of renook grill mat set of 6


  • 100% non stick surface is BPA free, FDA approved [2]
  • Easy to clean, doesn’t need oils or grease
  • Adequately sized and can be cut to desired shape
  • Heat Resistant up to 500 degrees fahrenheit when grilling under 30mn
  • Warranty included


  • Cannot be placed directly on charcoal. 
  • Exposure to high heat for longer than 30mn can damage the gill mats and be harmful to your food
  • Could benefit from holes to drain fat from meat
product image of looch grill mat set of 6

Overview: Enjoy grilling your favorite meat, vegetables, fish, shrimp, pizza, and countless other barbecue ideas with less hassle, less mess, and a lot more flavor! The Looch Grill Mat Set includes 6 highly durable PFOA-free grill mats for use on gas, charcoal, electric and more!

Whether you’re camping or backyard grilling, you can keep your grill from getting grimy and reduce your clean up time with this amazing 6-pack of grill mats from Looch. An ‘Amazon Choice’ for ‘bbq mats for gas grill’, you’ll be amazed at the heat resistant durability of these non-stick, reusable grill mats. 

What We Like:

  • HEAT RESISTANT: Each of these barbecue grill mats are heat resistant up to 500 degrees fahrenheit. That’s more than hot enough to grill bacon, burgers, fish, sausages, vegetables, or even pancakes and pizza! Approximately 15.75” x 13” inches, you can also cut them to fit your gas or charcoal grill, but always avoid exposing them to any direct flames.
  • SAFE COOKING SURFACE: The Looch Set of 6 BBQ grill mats are FDA-approved for safety and health [3]. Made from 100% PFOA-free materials and premium PTFE-fiberglass coating, no PFOA, silicone or other dangerous chemicals will end up in your food. Looch also backs their grill mats with a lifetime warranty.
  • EASY TO CLEAN: These barbecue grill mats make cleaning your grill so much easier. Cut and trim them to fit your oven floor, charcoal grill, gas, or electric grill. Food slides off the non-stick surface without the need for grease or oil. Just soak them in warm water and soap, rinse, and wash or throw them in your dishwasher.
diagram of looch grill mat set of 6


  • Heat Resistant up to 500 degrees fahrenheit
  • Can drastically reduce flare-ups and mess
  • PFOA-free materials are 100% non stick and safe for cooking
  • Reusable and easy to clean
  • Can be cut and trimmed as desired


  • Avoid exposure to direct flames
  • Grill mats do not capture or trap grease when removed from the grill
  • Stains from sugars and fats can be difficult to remove
product image of yrym ht Grill Mat - Set of 5 Non Stick BBQ Grill Mats

Overview: Improve your barbecuing experience with this next pick from YRYM HT, the Grill Mat Set of 5 Non-Stick BBQ Grill Mats in black. These 6 PTFE teflon baking sheets are heavy duty, reusable and dishwasher safe. You’ll never have to worry about scrubbing grimy grill grates again!

Grill meat, vegetables, fish, shrimp, pizza, pancakes, or bacon and eggs! Safe for use on gas, charcoal, electric, or even infrared grills, this high quality set of BBQ grill mats is guaranteed to provide you with hours of grilling fun! 

What We Like:

  • FDA-APPROVED: This 5-Pack of black barbecue grill mats are 100% PFOA-free, with a premium PTFE-fiberglass coating [4]. Safe and healthy for grilling or baking, there are no PFOA, silicone or other dangerous chemicals in the FDA approved materials.
  • HEAT RESISTANT & WATER REPELLENT: These mats are heat resistant up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit and 100% non-stick, so you can grill and cook without worrying about messy grease or food debris sticking to your grates. BBQ mats also help prevent small food debris from falling through the grates to reduce those unwanted flare-ups.
  • REUSABLE & DURABLE: You can use these BBQ grill mats multiple times. When you’re done, remove them from the grill, rinse and throw them in your dishwasher. To hand wash, simply use any brand of household dishwashing soap and warm water. Food slides off readily with no hassle!
  • VERSATILE: The BBQ mats in this 5pc set are teflon sheets that are multi-purpose. Use them as a barbecue grill mat, non-stick oven liner ,baking mat, or cooking mat. You can also cut them to fit your particular grill or oven perfectly. Perfect for campgrounds, park grills, or backyard barbecues!
diagram ofyrym ht Grill Mat - Set of 5 Non Stick BBQ Grill Mats


  • Non stick surface is BPA FREE, FDA approved, and dishwasher safe
  • Multi-purpose mats are versatile
  • Includes 2 basting brushes
  • Heat Resistant up to 500 degrees fahrenheit


  • Flimsy teflon mats with grease on them can be awkward to remove from a grill
  • Should not be used to remove heavy food such as a burger patty or it may tear
  • Could benefit from holes to drain fat from meat
  • Grainy surface can leave behind food residue and is somewhat harder to clean than our top pick
product image of LauKingdom Grill Mat Set of 5

Overview: Cook, grill, bake - the LauKingdom Grill Mat Set of 5 makes all your barbecuing more fun and hassle-free. From bacon and eggs to turkey burgers, your grilling will taste great, look great, time and time again, thanks to their extremely high durability. 

Many grill mat makers call themselves heavy duty, but these are the real deal! These BBQ grill mats are 0.2mm thick, reusable and so easy to clean thanks to their non-stick surface.

What We Like:

  • SAFE NON-STICK COOKING SURFACE: FDA-APPROVED PFOA-Free materials and premium PTFE-Fiberglass with no PFOA, silicone, or other harmful chemicals. Each of the BBQ grill mats in this set will ensure your food is toxin-free and uncontaminated.
  • DURABLE & HEAT RESISTANT: Both sides of bbq grill mats can be used over 1000 times for grilling, roasting, and even baking! With their 0.2mm thickness, they heat meat, vegetables, fish, and even baked goods like pizza rapidly without weakening. The LauKingdom Grill Mat set can withstand heat up to 500 degrees fahrenheit, hot enough to sear a thick steak or 8 oz burger!
  • EASY TO CLEAN: Grill juicy cuts of steak, burgers, sausages, oily fish, or cut vegetables without worrying about grease stains. The non-stick surface provides hassle-free clean up when your grilling is done by keeping your grates free of debris. All 5 bbq grill mats in this set are dishwasher safe
  • MULTIPURPOSE & VERSATILE: The LauKingdom Grill Mat Set is suitable for any kind of BBQ grill. Whether you prefer your kitchen stove, oven, a Weber charcoal grill, Big Green Egg, or a Masterbuilt Electric Smoker, these bbq grill mats can be cut to the desired shape and used for a variety of cooking needs. Bake pizza, sear a steak, roast vegetables or grilled salmon, your food will come out beautifully cooked with grill lines and all.
diagram of LauKingdom Grill Mat Set of 5  to scale


  • Heat resistant up to 500 degrees fahrenheit
  • Thick 0.2mm is thicker than most other teflon grill mats and has 1000 uses
  • Versatile and multipurpose
  • Very affordable price is less expensive than other top picks
  • Defects covered by 2yr warranty


  • Can be tricky to use on charcoal grill with open flames
product image of Miroksh Grill Mats Dishwasher Safe Non Stick BBQ Baking Sheet 5 Pack

Overview:  Another great pick for the best bbq grill mat is the Miroksh Heavy Duty Reusable Magic Clean Grill Set. Perfect for either indoor or outdoor grilling, these teflon, non-stick bbq baking sheets can be used just like grill mats on any gas, charcoal or electric grill. No more messy grill grates, flare-ups, and food debris with this highly affordable set of reusable grill mats! Your burgers, sausages, and other bbq fare will taste great and leave behind less mess.

What We Like:

  • SAFE COOKING SURFACE: These copper grill mats are made from premium high quality heat resistant PTFE-fiberglass coating. In addition, they contain no PFOA, silicone, or other harmful chemicals [5].
  • DURABLE AND VERSATILE: Heat resistant up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, you can use these non-stick grill mats to grill vegetables, fish, shrimp, pizza, or even pancakes, bacon and eggs! They can be cut and used as an oven liner as well, and useful on gas or charcoal grills with open flames. Each bbq grill mat can also be cut to any size or shape to suit just about any grill or oven just right.
  • REUSABLE AND DISHWASHER SAFE: The Miroksh Grill Mats can each be used over 1,000 uses per side, considerably more than any of the best sellers in our best bbq grill mat reviews. They stay cool to the touch so you can easily lift them off your grill grates and wipe down with a paper towel before throwing them into the dishwasher.


  • Extremely long life cycle of 1000 uses per side
  • Withstands up to 500 degrees fahrenheit
  • Versatile use for indoor or outdoor cooking, grilling, baking
  • 2 Basting Brushes included
  • Affordable low price


  • Loses color with use and does not stay stain-free like a black teflon grill mat would
  • Can leave behind a strong odor when used indoors. If you suffer from migraines, this could be an issue for you.
product image of 6. SMAID Grill Mat Non-stick BBQ Grill Baking Mats

Overview:  Smaid promises that these 4 mats are all you'll ever need. They are in fact one of the best bbq grill mats for the price.

Chicken, wings, ribs, burgers, steaks, fish, shrimp, fruits, vegetables, breakfast, lunch or dinner - grilling with the SMAID Grill Mat Non-stick BBQ Grill Baking Mats is a breeze! No mess, no fuss, just delicious food with beautiful grill marks and great flavor, at an amazing low price.

The Smaid Grill Mat set of 4 are FDA-Approved, reusable and easy to clean. Each of the mats is 15.75” x 13” inches, and can be trimmed or cut to suit any cooking surface. Use multiple grill mats to separate your meat and vegetables or combine for a larger cooking surface. 

What We Like:

  • SAFE NON-STICK SURFACE: The Smaid BBQ grill mats are each made from 100% PFOA-Free materials, with a premium non-stick PTFE-fiberglass coating that is safe for grilling.
  • HEAT RESISTANT: Even though these grill mats are thin, they are surprisingly durable. Grill marks come through on your food and they can withstand up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • REUSABLE & DISHWASHER SAFE: Designed for ease of use, no other coating or grease is necessary to keep the surface of your SMAID grill mats debris-free. Odors, stains, and fats, sugars, and grease can’t adhere or get absorbed into the mat. Ordinary household dish soap and warm water, or your dishwasher will keep your grill mats in good shape for 2 - 3 years of use.
diagram of of 6. SMAID Grill Mat Non-stick BBQ Grill Baking Mats to scale


  • Thin but durable and heat resistant up to 500 degrees fahrenheit
  • Size can easily be cut and trimmed to desired shape for grilling or baking
  • Very low price compared to other top picks


  • Food can adhere to the non-stick surface if cooking for a long period of time over high heat
  • Must avoid open flames
product image of OscenLife Grill Mats - Non stick BBQ Grill Mat Set of 4

Overview:  The OscenLife Grill Mats are a great addition to any set of grilling accessories. Designed for heavy duty use, their reusable and safe non-stick surface makes them a great economic choice for keeping your grill grates clean and reducing flare-ups.

Each of the 4 bbq grill mats included is 13” x 16” inches, adequate size for most charcoal or gas grills. Their 0.25mm depth is slightly thicker than most other brands and thin enough to sear grill marks on your beef, pork, fish, or poultry.

What We Like:

  • FDA-APPROVED: Enjoy flavorful, char-broiled goodness on these safe, PFOA-free cooking mats. Made from 100% PTFE non-stick coated fabric, you won’t have to worry about dangerous chemicals being absorbed into your food.
  • KEEPS GRILL GRATES CLEAN: The OscenLife Grill Mats are just large enough to cover the main cooking surface area of your grill, leaving your grates free of debris. You can combine them, or cut them to neatly separate different types of food on the grill. No need to grease your grates or scrub them anymore!
  • THIN BUT DURABLE: At 0.25mm, these grill mats are just a little thicker than others in our review, but still thin enough to leave sear marks on your food.
diagram of OscenLife Grill Mats - Non stick BBQ Grill Mat Set of 4


  • Works well on gas or charcoal grill, communal grills, parks
  • Non-stick surface is easy to clean and PFOA-free
  • 0.25mm is slightly thicker than other brands of grill mats but thin enough for sear marks on your meat


  • Food can adhere to the non-stick surface if cooking for a long period of time over high heat
  • Must avoid open flames
Product image of Mountain Griller Tong Set 12 & 16"

Overview: Covering grimy grill grates with foil isn’t the best way to grill, but cooking on them is even worse! Communal barbecue pits and camp grills are unsanitary but who wants to them clean?

Perfect for those grimy, filthy park grills and camping grills, the Mountain Grillers BBQ Grill Mat Non Stick set includes 2 heavy duty barbecue grilling mats. Disposable and reusable, these grill mats are great for use on any communal grilling station and will keep your food safe from bacteria. Enjoy grilled burgers, sausages, corn, shrimp, or even a pizza without the mess!

What We Like:

  • HYGENIC AND SAFE: Food washes easily from the non-stick coated surface. No harmful chemicals are used in the grill mat material [6].
  • REUSABLE AND VERSATILE: Wash in a dishwasher or by hand, these 2 grill mats can be used repeatedly because of their durability. Cut or trim them to the desired shape, or use them together to cover a large grilling area. They can be used on a wide variety of grill types (charcoal, gas, electric) and will keep your cooking surface clean.
picture of three guys looking at food


  • Size can easily be cut and trimmed to desired shape for grilling or baking
  • Very low price compared to other top picks


  • Cannot be used on a direct flame
  • Relatively more costly than other grill mat sets that include more mats
  • Only 2 grill mats are included
product image of Kona Copper Grill Mats - (Set of 2)

Overview: Kona is a global brand known for premium quality bbq tools and grilling accessories. Many top competitor chefs and aspiring pitmasters choose their camping and grilling accessories for their durability and great prices. They back their products with superior customer service, and you’ll be impressed by our next choice.

The Kona Copper Grill Mats Set of 2 is one of the best non-stick BBQ grilling mats for gas grills, charcoal, electric, and smokers of all kinds.

In fact, the only drawback is you’ll wish this set came with more than 2!

What We Like:

  • THICK AND DURABLE COPPER GRILL MAT: Kona non stick grill mats are 0.30mm thick and with a durable core. These premium quality copper grill mats can be used over 1,000 uses per side, that's 50 times more uses than ordinary grilling mats [7].
  • 7 YEAR GUARANTEE: No other grill mat or grilling accessory we know of offers a "No Hassle" 7 year grilling accessories guarantee. Kona’s warranty coverage even covers accidental overheating.
  • HEAT RESISTANT: Sear burgers and steaks on these heat resistant grill mats. The Kona bbq grilling mats can withstand up to 600 degrees fahrenheit, well above the appropriate searing temperature.


  • Durable copper grill mats can be used over 1000x per side
  • 0.30mm thickness is slightly weightier than other barbecue grilling mats
  • PFOA free non-stick surface is safe for grilling and easy to clean
  • Heat resistant up to 600 degrees fahrenheit, 100 degrees above the optimal searing temperature


  • Only 2 grill mats are included
  • 2x more costly than other grill mat sets that include more mats
    product image of RENOOK Grill Mat Ultimate XL Non-Stick Grilling Sheets, Set of 2

    Overview: Got an extra large grill that needs extra large grill mats? You’ll be amazed by the quality and durability of our next pick for best bbq grill mats, the Renook Grill Mat Ultimate XL Set of 2.

    The name really does say it all. Heavy duty, extra large, these non stick grilling sheets are a bold 20” x 17” inches, and four times thicker than your standard grill mat. 100% PFOA-Free materials and premium PTFE-fiberglass coating keeps your food safe from absorbing harmful chemicals such as silicone [8].

    What We Like:

    • DURABLE, LARGE AND EXTRA THICK: The 0.4mm thickness of each grill mat is actually 2x thicker than the standard grill mat. As such they can withstand temperatures up to 600 degrees. At 20” inches by 17” inches, these grill mats are almost double the size of your average barbecue mat.
    • REUSABLE AND DISHWASHER SAFE: These superior non-stick grill mats are PFOA-free and can be used over 1000 times on each side. You’ll still get attractive grill marks on your food, and clean-up is super-easy. Just put them in the top shelf of your dishwasher or wash by hand with warm water and dishwashing soap of your choice.
    • EXTENDED WARRANTY: The Renook grill mats are covered by warranty but there’s also an extended warranty available as well. They also promise a 100% refund if you’re not satisfied!


    • Extra large size can be cut or trimmed if needed and suited for any grill with a large cooking surface area
    • Extra 0.4mm thickness is 4x thicker than other brands and more durable as a result
    • Heat resistant up to 600 degrees fahrenheit, more than other top brands rated best bbq grill mat
    • Reusable grill mats have a lifespan of 1000 uses on each side for hours of barbecue grilling


    • Only 2 grill mats are included
    • More costly than other grill mat sets with more mats

    picture of ribs and veggies in bbq grill mat

    How To Take Care of Your BBQ Grill Mats

    • 1
      Avoid scratching the mat with sharp or metal tools.
    • 2
      Allow grill mats to cool before cleaning, then dry with a soft cloth.
    • 3
      Avoid using wire bristles on your non-stick bbq grill mats or they will shred.
    • 4
      DO NOT place grill mats directly on charcoal or expose them directly to open flames.
    • 5
      Never stack or layer bbq grill mats on top of each other over the grill.
    • 6
      To prevent damaging your grill mats, lay the mat over the grill grates approximately 7 inches from the burners.
    • 7
      Always store grill mats either flat or rolled up in storage for small space. Don't fold them.
    • 8
      Food can take longer to cook on a grill mat than directly on the grill so allow for some extra cooking time. Meat should be thawed to room temperature before grilling.
    • 9
      Wash grill mats on the top rack of your dishwasher only.
    • 10
      Metal utensils such as a stainless steel spatula, meat fork, or knife can damage the mats.Use a quality pair of locking, grill-length bbq tongs to avoid accidentally ripping or tearing your grill mat while cooking. 

    Are Grill Mats Safe To Use?

    All the grill mats included in this review are FDA-grade and approved for use as grilling cookware. That being said, any non-stick cooking surface exposed to excessively high heat poses a risk of releasing harmful chemicals. 

    A grill mat is extremely convenient for reducing clean up on your grill, but it’s best used at low - medium temperature settings. While some brands of grill mats can endure high temperatures above 450 degrees fahrenheit, they can only be used safely this way for a limited time (ie a few seconds to a minute).

    This is why it’s extremely important that you never exceed the recommended grilling temperature noted by the manufacturer.

    picture of chicken and veggies on bbq grill mat

    Final Thoughts…

    Any of the selections in our bbq grill mats reviews are a great place to start your search. If you’ve never used one before, consider starting with a set of 2 at first. Experiment with different brands to see which ones you prefer.

    And believe it or not, once you start using quality grill mats, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without them! 

    At Fire Food Chef we’re always reviewing the latest and best in grilling accessories, as well as the best charcoal, gas, electric grills, and smokers! Camp Chef, Masterbuilt, Traeger, Weber - from top brands to emerging newcomers, recipes and cooking techniques - Fire Food Chef is where barbecue grilling lives!


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