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Find out which brand offers the best bread maker on the market

For anyone who values healthy eating, healthy ingredients, and a freshly baked slice of bread with their pulled pork or ham & cheese, finding the best bread maker can be a great way to take control of your diet.

Gluten-free, rye, artisan, multi-grain, French - with the right machine, you can enjoy more control over the ingredients and quality of the bread you make right in your own kitchen!

To help you get started, this buying guide includes 10 best bread maker reviews, covering the top brands as selected by our cooking experts at Fire Food Chef.

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Fully Automatic Household Bread Maker Machine Review

Fully Automatic Household Bread Maker Machine

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  • Attractive stainless steel housing and accessories
  • Easy to operate with amazing results

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Last Updated: January 2nd, 2024

By William Clay: This article has been updated to reflect the most accurate information regarding bread makers available for those who want fresh and delicious bread made at home. The best 10 available have changed, and information has been added to assist individuals in finding the best bread maker currently available on the market.

Top 10 Bread Maker Machines

Best Bread Maker Reviews (Full)

These days, a quality bread machine can bake wholesome, moist, homemade bread in as little as an hour. Even with little experience, there are several user-friendly options with helpful presets to get you baking quickly.


  • Dimensions: 17 x 10.75 x 13.43” inches
  • Stainless Steel (Black)
  • Collapsible Knead Paddle
  • 15 Presets
  • 2.75 lb Capacity
  • Accessories 


The Fully Automatic Household Bread Maker Machine is a stainless steel, double mixing dough maker that bakes bread automatically. A built in dispenser, durable housing, programmable presets and detachable parts allow for easy operation and amazing results.
Several accessories are bundled with this modern looking bread maker, including:

  • Pick hook
  • Measuring cup
  • Measuring spoon
  • Insulated gloves
  • A complete manual with a bread recipe

No assembly is required to start baking your favorite artisan, rye, white, or wholewheat bread.
Simply add the baking ingredients, select from one of 15 preset options, then collapse the paddle blade to make removal easier and maximize the baking capacity.

A built in ingredient dispenser allows you to add nuts, seeds, fruits or herbs that are automatically dispensed at the right baking point. You can set the 60mn delay function to delay the baking process until you’re ready.

With its attractive stainless steel housing, accessories, and programmable presets, the Fully Automatic Household Bread Maker Machine makes baking a breeze. Although relatively more costly than other top picks, the Fully Automatic Household Bread Maker Machine is our pick for the best bread maker overall. 


  • Attractive stainless steel design
  • Durable construction
  • 15 programmable presets
  • Several accessories included


  • More costly than other brands with similar features


For over 100 years, Zojirushi has been manufacturing household kitchen appliances to make baking and cooking at home easier. The Zojirushi BB-HAC10 Home Bakery Bread Maker Machine is a compact bread maker available in white with a 1 pound loaf capacity.

In addition to 1 pound loaves and bread and cakes, the Zojirushi BB-HAC10 has programmable presets for mixing cookie or pasta dough, as well as fresh fruit jams. There’s a quick-bake cycle
for reducing the baking time, and a 13-hour delay timer for added convenience.
To operate the Zojirushi BB-HAC10, you simply use the brightly lit LCD control panel and colorful press button functions. A viewing window on the lid allows you to easily view the progress of your dough as it's being mixed or baked. The nonstick kneading blade and baking pan are both removable, and super easy to clean. 


  • Nonstick Kneading Blades and Bread Pan are removable
  • Detachable lid with viewing window
  • 13hr Timer Delay
  • 7 Presets


  • 1 Pound capacity is small for a family of 4
  • Fewer preset options than the top pick


  • Dimensions: 15 x 13.4 x 10.6 inches
  • Weight: 12.35 Pounds
  • 370W
  • 1 Lb Loaf Capacity


When it comes to household appliances, Panasonic is a globally recognized player. This particular model of bread maker, however, is a Japanese import. The instructions and labelling are written in Japanese.

The Panasonic Home Bakery Bread Maker has a 1 pound loaf capacity, LCD Display and a carrying handle. There are 20 preset options, which is more extensive than the top pick in this review.

No power converter is needed to operate this device in the US.


  • Compact size
  • Consistent performance
  • Durable construction lasts several years
  • Competitively priced with top pick
  • No power converter required


  • Japanese import does not provide English instructions
  • LCD press buttons are in Japanese
  • 1 lb capacity may be considered small for some households


Households of 4 or more will really appreciate the size and quality of our next pick, the Breville BBM800XL Custom Loaf Bread Maker. No other top pick is as customizable as the Breville, and with its numerous presets you’ve got plenty of options for baking a wide range of recipes.

Equipped with a collapsible kneading paddle, the Breville BBM800XL thoroughly mixes all your baking ingredients, then collapses before the baking phase to maximize space during the baking stage. You can select from 4 different loaf sizes (1 pound, 1-½ pound, 2 pound and 2-½ pound) as well as 3 crust colors.

No more kneading and mixing by hand! With 13 presettings to choose from, you can enjoy a more hassle-free baking experience. An automatic fruit dispenser is built in to release additional ingredients like fruits, nuts, vegetable shavings, and herbs during the knead phase so they are evenly kneaded through the dough.

Raisin bread, carrot cake, chocolate chip cookies, yeast free or gluten-free, the Breville BBM800XL Custom Loaf Bread Maker expands your options for healthy baked goods any time you want.


  • Smart LCD Display with touch buttons
  • 13 Presettings
  • Auto Fruit and Nut Dispenser
  • 3 Crust Color options and 4 loaf sizes
  • 46 Recipe Booklet included


  • Delayed Timer is slightly more difficult to set than the Zojirushi and our top pick, but still very useful


Once again, Zojirushi earns inclusion in our guide among the best bread maker machines. Available in white, the Zojirushi BB-SSC10WZ compares favorably to the Zojirushi BB-HAC10k, with a few additional features.

Designed as a 1 pound loaf bread maker, Zojirushi Maestro has a number of versatile course settings for making bread and pizza dough, pasta dough, cake and jam. A built in, removable auto dispenser allows you to add other ingredients during the kneading process such as raisins or nuts.
With its 3 homemade memory settings, you can further customize your baking experience. Set kneading, rising, and baking times to your own specifications or use the presets for making
healthy loaves of multigrain, whole wheat, quick whole wheat, gluten free, salt free, sugar free, or vegan!

A full color recipe book with 50 delicious recipes is also included.


  • Compact Design
  • 15 Presets
  • 3 Homemade Memory Settings for customizing recipes
  • Collapsible nonstick blade is removable
  • 24hr Timer


  • 1 lb capacity may not be large enough for a family of 4
  • No viewing window in the lid


The Elitte Automatic Bread Maker is another great option for making homemade bread. This multifunctional bread machine features an attractive, durable plastic casing, with a 1 pound loaf capacity.

With 18 presettings and 3 crust colors, the Elitte Automatic Bread Maker gives you several options for making healthier, homemade bread of your choice. The bread barrel is made of food-grade steel and removes easily for cleaning.

A thirteen hour timer delay and a 1hr warmer option gives you added control over your baking experience, and the built in dispenser makes adding tasty ingredients like nuts and raisins easier as well.

Ideally suited for beginners or novice chefs, the Elitte Automatic Bread Maker offers great value for the price and compares well with other brands for performance. And with slightly more preset options than the top pick, it’s definitely worth considering.


  • 18 Programmable presets
  • 13-hr Timer Delay and 1hr Warmer
  • 3 Crust Color options
  • Auto Dispenser
  • Viewing window in the lid


  • 1 lb capacity is relatively small
  • Advertised as stainless steel but is in fact durable, food-grade plastic


Made by Tehok, the 2.2 Lb Bread Maker is a stainless steel, multifunctional bread machine. Ease of use is the key to its popularity with users. 21 preset baking programs, 3 crust colors, and a 15-hr delay timer give this compact bread maker a lot of versatility for making a wide range of breads, cakes, even jams and other delicious spreads.

With its durable stainless steel casing, the Tehok 2.2 Lb Bread Maker also features a nonstick aluminum alloy kneading blade (stir bar) and bread bucket. The LCD screen and touch button control panel are straightforward and simple to use, once you read the directions. When your bread is finally ready, a 1-hour warmer keeps your bread toasty and ready to serve when you are.

At 2.2 pounds, this is one of the larger bread makers available on the market. If you regularly bake for a household of 3 or more, the Tehok 2.2 Lb Bread Maker is the ideal baking partner.


  • Large 2.2 pound capacity
  • Stainless steel casing and aluminum alloy parts
  • Extensive 21 presets is more than the top pick
  • 15-hr Delay Timer
  • 3 crust colors


  • Viewing window can get foggy with condensation
  • Needs considerable space for storage


Equipped with 18 programs, an automatic yeast dispenser, fruit, nut, and gluten-free setting, the
Automatic Programmable Multifunctional Bread Machine By BBYT is an affordable alternative to some of the other top picks reviewed in this guide.

Available in red or purple, this bread maker is the same design as the Elitte Bread Maker, including many of the same features. 


  • 18 Programmable presets
  • 13-hr Timer Delay and 1hr Warmer
  • 3 Crust Color options
  • Auto Dispenser
  • Viewing window in the lid
  • Priced lower than the top pick


  • 1 lb capacity is relatively small


The Automatic Multifunctional Bread Making Machine features a unified copper motor, automatic insulation and a power-off function for greater efficiency. Fully programmable functions allow you to select the crust color and type of bread you want to bake using the straightforward LCD screen.

A top loading, automatic dispenser allows you to easily add ingredients such as nuts or raisins, fruits or chocolate chips with ease. Breads, jam, cake, noodles, fermented, yogurt - the Automatic Multifunctional Bread Making Machine does it all effortlessly.

18 presets and 3 crust color settings make baking your favorite bread from scratch a breeze. Just set the timer, program your presets, add the ingredients and press the start button. Your recipe comes out baked to perfection, with little need for monitoring the progress of your recipe. If you are curious, just use the viewing window to check in, or the LCD screen to see how much time is remaining on your recipe.


  • 18 Programmable presets
  • 13-hr Timer Delay and 1hr Warmer
  • 3 Crust Color options
  • Auto Dispenser
  • Viewing window in the lid
  • Priced lower than the top pick


  • 1 lb capacity is relatively small


  • Programmable Bread Machine with Gluten Free Sitting
  • LED Display
  • Visual Menu (25 Programs
  • 3 Loaf Sizes
  • 3 Crust Colors
  • 13 Hours Delay Timer
  • 1 Hour Keep Warm) (Golden)


Competitively priced and attractive in design, the Automatic Bread Maker by Dook is a great option if you want quality but don’t want to break the bank. If you’re new to the world of bread machines, this compact bread maker is a great place to start your journey.

More than any of the other bread makers in this guide, the Automatic Bread Maker has 25 programmable presets, as well as 3 loaf sizes, and 3 loaf colors to choose from. There’s a 13 hour delay timer so you can set the bread maker at your own convenience, and a 1 hour warmer to keep the bread ready to serve.

With its brushed stainless steel shell, removable nonstick nano bread barrel, and slide out dispenser tray, the Automatic Bread Maker is sleek, sophisticated, yet easy to operate and maintain. It will not only look great in your kitchen, it will also last you several years of use.

A measuring cup and spoon are also included.


  • 25 Programmable presets
  • 13-hr Timer Delay and 1hr Warmer
  • 3 Crust Color options
  • Concealed Dispenser
  • Priced lower than the top pick


  • 1 lb capacity is relatively small

Best Bread Maker Buying Guide

Making homemade bread with fresh ingredients right out of your own kitchen or garden is so much easier with a quality bread maker in your hands. Your cleanup time is significantly reduced, and all the work of kneading and mixing the dough yourself is completely eliminated. There are even bread makers that can bake your typical 1 pound loaf of white bread in only an hour!

That being said, not all bread makers are created equal. Each brand builds their bread machine to unique specifications, integrating patented design features and technology to distinguish their model from the competition.

4 Bread Maker Buying Considerations

Regardless of the make, a bread maker can be a considerable investment upfront. A quality household bread maker ranges in price between $150 - $800 (USD). They can also take up considerable space on your counter or in your kitchen.

If you plan to use it often, it’s worthwhile considering carefully which features you absolutely need, and which ones you can live without.

5 Key Features To Consider:

  • Automatic Dispensers: For adding, yeast, raisins, nuts, etc, to your recipe during the kneading or baking process. This is very helpful and eliminates the need to open the bread maker during the kneading process.
  • Stainless Steel Paddle: Durable, easy to clean. They are typically made to detach and are also replaceable. A replacement will typically cost you between $12 - $25(USD).
  • Collapsible Paddle: Kneading paddle folds neatly out of the way after the kneading process to allow baking stage. Stainless steel paddles are very common. Be sure that the brand or model you choose has a blade that’s replaceable.
  • Programmed Pre-Settings: Choose the bread size, crust color, and type of bread using pre-programmed settings that take the guesswork out of baking for added convenience. Brands will differ in the number of presettings available as well as the customization of those settings. Read the product description and user reviews carefully for feedback.
  • Quick Bake Technology: Optional setting that reduces the standard baking time to as little as 1 hour

The heart of any bread maker is the motor and the blade. A powerful electric motor (330 - 650W) and a durable blade are needed to thoroughly mix the ingredients into dough [1]. Mixing dough with blades requires strong blades and a motor that can handle the dough’s weight and thickness.

Image of bread in a basket

How A Bread Maker Works

Using a bread maker is extremely easy. Most not only include a user manual but a recipe book as well to help you get started.

These are the 5 basic steps required to operate a bread maker:

  • Step 1: Using the programmable functions, select the appropriate loaf size (1 or 2 lb), the bread type, and crust color. Be sure you follow the recipe exactly to avoid overloading your bread maker.
  • Step 2: Open the lid and attach the mixing blade, or paddle as it is referred to by some, to the motor. There is usually a small attachment at the base of the bread tin to which the blade can be connected or inserted.
  • Step 3: Select and measure out your ingredients according to the baking recipe.
  • Step 4: Load the ingredients one at a time into the bread tin. 
  • Step 5: Close the lid and press the start button.

Once the start button is activated, the bread maker takes care of all the rest - except cleanup of course! During the process, the bread machine kneads the dough several times, so you’ll hear the motor whirring, then it will go quiet, only to resume again.

When the kneading process is completed, the blade will collapse and the oven will turn on. You’ll notice steam escaping through the ventilation and, of course, your home will quickly fill with the enticing aroma of fresh baked bread.

When the bread is finally ready, a timer will sound to alert you. Some bread machines include up to 60 minutes of warming time as well, so your bread stays fresh and warm until you’re ready to remove it. 

How To Use A Bread Machine


Baking bread from scratch is part art, and part science [2]. If you’ve never used a bread machine before, you might be curious about how one works. Think of your bread maker as a compact, electric oven, mixer, and dougher in one. All the baking ingredients are mixed and baked in one appliance for the ultimate in convenience.

Care And Maintenance Tips For Your Bread Maker

Since it is a complex kitchen appliance, you’ll need to maintain your bread machine carefully. The outer casing is typically designed for easy wipe-down cleaning (stainless steel or food-grade plastic).

Parts of A Bread Maker

  • Removable Baking Tin: Should always be cleaned and dried thoroughly 
  • Motorized Axle: Remove food debris that could cause obstructions
  • Detachable Kneading Blades (paddle): Clean thoroughly to prevent bacteria contamination 
  • Hinged Lid: Some have a clear glass, others are attached to the baking tin.
    LCD Display with Touchscreen or press button functions: Contains electronic components for programming the machine
  • Power Supply: Standard plug-in to an electrical outlet (uses average 330 - 450W)

Maintenance Tips

  1. Always read the user manual thoroughly before you begin using your Panasonic, Zojirushi, or other favorite brand of bread machine.
  2. The baking tin, paddles, lid, and exterior should all be thoroughly washed or wiped down after each baking session.
  3. Follow the recipe instructions carefully to avoid overloading your bread maker. Selecting the wrong size, for example, could result in a damaged motor.
  4. Keep the power supply away from water. If you’re using the bread maker on a countertop, be sure it is dry.
  5. Inspect the ventilation on your bread maker to remove any obstructions. Trapped steam will prevent the dough from baking to the right consistency.


Spend less time cleaning and prepping with a bread machine in your kitchen! The bread maker reviews in our guide are designed to make your shopping easier. If you appreciate healthy, homemade cooking and baking, a bread maker is the perfect kitchen appliance.

Remember, you don’t have to be a professional baker or chef to get amazing results with a bread maker, and with each recipe you’re sure to improve. With less time spent cleaning, your baking experience will be hassle-free and more enjoyable as well. 


[1] Estimating Appliance and Home Electronic Energy Use (
[2] Basic Homemade Bread Recipe (Taste of Home)

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