Best Meat Slicer Review Of 2024

You don’t have to be a professional caterer or restaurant owner to enjoy the benefits of slicing your own food. Whether you want to save money or eat healthier, searching for the best meat slicer for your kitchen is a worthwhile investment.

Of course, a commercial-grade meat slicer is a heavy duty piece of equipment and not your ordinary kitchen appliance. Personal protective equipment (PPE) such as metal gloves are a good idea if you plan on using a meat slicer at home. You’ll also want to consider a safe place to store your slicer out of reach of children when not in use.

Finally, you’ll want to consider keeping a quality sanitizer on hand for cleaning and maintaining your slicer. Food can easily become cross contaminated using the same blade to slice meat, dairy, fruit, vegetables, bread, and other foods.

Check out our comprehensive meat slicer review of the top ten below to start your search!

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KWS MS-10XT Premium Commercial 320W Electric Meat Slicer Review

KWS MS-10XT Premium Commercial 320W Electric Meat Slicer

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  • Very high quality
  • Powerful motor to handle any type of meat
  • Aesthetically pleasing

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Last Updated: January 3, 2024

By William Clay: This article has been updated to reflect the most accurate information regarding meat slicers available for those who are interested in getting that perfect cut for their meat. The best 10 available have changed, and information has been added to assist individuals in finding the best meat slicers currently available on the market.

Best Meat Slicer Of 2024 - Top 10 Picks

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10 Best Meat Slicer Reviews

You demand the unmistakable quality of professional grad meat slicers. Your meat and your guests deserve absolutely nothing less! You shun the lower quality meats that are wrapped in plastic and sold in lukewarm display coolers in grocery stores around the world. You also won’t lower yourself to the cold cut combos being offered by “sandwich artists” in fast-food restaurants.

In an attempt to help you find the best meat slicer for your needs, we have studied the best that Amazon has to offer and ranked them from 1-10.


  • 10” high-quality stainless steel blade coated with Teflon
  • 320-Watts Motor Power
  • Approved by the ETL, NSF, and FDA
  • Cutting thickness of 0-0.4”
  • Corrosion-proof aluminum alloy base
  • Dual whetstones sharpener

What We Like...

  • Simply looks like nothing else on the market
  • Powerful motor, built for long slicing sessions
  • Self-sharpening is always a plus
  • Big, waterproof on-off switch
  • Very high-quality blade


  • One of the heavier units on this list at over 37 lbs
  • Limited supply and might be tough to get

Average User Review: 4.8/ 5
Our review: 83%

This comes from a lesser-known manufacturer, so the sample size is relatively small. However, this is the best meat slicer you will currently find. People absolutely love this unit.

It comes in a chrome and fire engine red finish, which just looks amazing. It’s not hard to imagine car-guys loving this meat slicer and prominently displaying it in their kitchen; or even basing their entire kitchen decor around it. It’s hard for something in your kitchen to look “bad-ass,” but this meat slicer somehow pulls it off.

In terms of performance, KWS brings their A-game to this offering. It’s got a powerful motor that can easily handle anything from roast beef to brisket, while cleanup is simple and easy.

The downside to a smaller manufacturer is a limited supply. This model may be frequently out of stock. But if it’s available, you will be very happy you pulled the trigger in time.


  • Perfect for slicing any boneless meat, cheese, veggies, ham, fruit
  • USA standard approved: ETL, NSF, FDA
  • Beautiful Chromium-plated Carbon Steel Blade prevents corrosion
  • The highest quality of blades, with very little need to resharpen
  • Double Illuminated ON/OFF Switch 24V with total shock protection
  • Blade Diameter: 10”*Power: 110-120V, 240W 1/3HP
  • Blade revolution: 282/min
  • Maximum cutting length: 210mm (8-1/4”)
  • Maximum cutting height: 170mm (6-7/10”)
  • Slicing thickness: 1-12mm (0- 1/2”)
  • V-belt that greatly reduces the vibration and the noise while you slice

What We Like...

  • Quite simply the best in class. This is for people who want a higher standard
  • Commercial grade accuracy and durability on this blade
  • You’re getting a machine that belongs in any deli or restaurant, at an affordable price
  • Online reviews feature former deli owners who use this unit at home
  • Perfect for brisket, chicken, bacon, pork belly and “potato slices you can see through”
  • Easy to take apart and clean


  • A few reported cases for defective units that don’t switch on upon delivery. But seems very rare

Average User Review: 4.6/ 5
Our review: 97%

The great thing about reading meat slicer reviews is that the people writing them all expect a high-quality product. These are people who spent good money to purchase professional grade meat slicers for their home. They expect quality, and this model seems to knock it out of the part every single time.

What really stands out is how many deli owners have put this machine to work in their shops and in their homes and have nothing but glowing things to say about the blade, the construction, and the overall quality of the unit.

Dollar for dollar, slice for slice, this is one of the best in class.


  • 10-inch stainless steel blade
  • Large 8”x 7” tray
  • Impressive 240 watts power rating
  • Slicing thickness: thinnest to 0.75”
  • High-quality blade
  • Stainless Steel metal construction

What We Like...

  • The super-sharp blade cuts without breaking down the meat’s muscle fiber
  • Built-in auto sharper
  • Two interior whetstones
  • Simple to adjust the thickness knob
  • Non-slip rubber base


  • The instructions have been described as poorly worded and confusing
  • The construction and design doesn’t do a great job of containing the mess and excess meat, compare to some other models

Average User Review: 4.2/ 5
Our review: 94%

If you already know your way around these machines, some would argue that this could be the best meat slicer for home usage.

But if this is your first meat slicer, you may rely heavily on the instructions to get going. Unfortunately, it appears that the instructions were likely first published in another language and then translated... Poorly. A quick sample includes, “Please cautiously read usage manual before use my plant product.” Yikes.

It’s possible they fixed this issue with new instructions, but it’s hard to say.

That’s a shame because this is truly a top-quality machine at a great price. Users rave about the simple use and the overall quality of the cuts made to meat, fruit, hearty cheese and fine pieces of bread.

Another major benefit is the self-sharpening system, which is not available in all of the models on the market today. If this is a must-have for you, this model is a strong choice.

This model is perfect for your home, or if you’re operating a catering company. The sturdy design and high-quality blade can handle volume!

This is a fairly heavy model, at 35 lbs. However, the weight does result in a strong feeling of stability and reliability, which is what most people are looking for in professional grade meat slicers.


  • Slique and chic design for style enthusiasts
  • 7-inch metal alloy blade capable of cutting thicknesses from deli thin to 3/4-inch thick slices
  • All of the structural parts are made of cast aluminum and stainless steel
  • All parts are easily removable for quick cleaning
  • Cantilever design delivers your sliced items directly to the platter
  • Safety button that secures food carriage in a 'lock' position when not in use

What We Like...

  • Possibly the best bang for your buck. Low price point, high-quality cuts
  • Simply has the look of a machine that costs much more
  • Low noise and vibration
  • Easy to use and clean
  • The largest cut goes up to ¾ of an inch, which isn’t always available


  • Some people have said that cleaning the blade and other food-related parts is easy, but they have struggled to clean the actual buttons completely
  • There is no onboard sharpener

Average User Review: 4.2/ 5
Our review: 94%

Typically, when we prepare these lists, we like to reserve the runner-up spot for the most affordable “bang for your buck” options, and that is certainly the case with the Chef'sChoice 615A000.

This meat slicer certainly belongs in your home, but it may not be quite enough if you’re used to a heavy-duty machine. However, if this is your first meat slicer, there is absolutely no reason to buy any other model.

That being said, this is so much more than a starter-slicer. It gives you simply gorgeous and perfectly sliced cuts of meat, fruit, or bread. It’s also extremely easy to use and clean.

On a completely superficial level, this model also just looks like you’ve spent thousands of dollars on a high-end machine, at a fraction of the price.


  • Amazon’s Choice!
  • 7.5-inch undulated stainless steel blade
  • Premium-coated steel and die-cast aluminum housing
  • Thicknesses between 1/32 inch to a thick 1/2 inch
  • Heavy-duty 130-watt motor
  • Slip-proof feet on the bottom

What We Like...

  • Fantastic price
  • A respected name in the industry
  • Very easy to use and clean this model
  • Stands well against most meats like beef, chicken and lamb
  • Very lightweight at only 11 lbs
  • Small and easy to store


  • Not designed for long periods of use, or bulk slicing
  • No low RPM mode

Average User Review: 4.1/ 5
Our review: 85%

If you use this unit for what it was designed to do, you will absolutely love this machine.

If you’re looking for the best meat slicer for home and casual use, this is your guy. If you’re looking for more heavy-duty professional grade meat slicers, look elsewhere.

This unit is perfect for homeowners who want to save money, or simply cut finer slices of meat than they get at the grocery store. If you’ve worked in a deli, this may not be what you’re used to. But if you’re only going to use this for short 10-minute bursts, you should be fine. Think “Making an epic charcuterie board” not “cold cuts for a wedding.”

This is also one of the lighter machines you’re going to find. It’s perfect for people who intend to store it in a cabinet and bring it out when it’s time to use it. However, it’s got a beautiful finish if you decide to leave it out full-time.

It makes our list because, if you’re serious about the quality of your cuts, this blade performance is right there with your top of the line models. However, it’s motor can’t really be pushed too far and you should definitely read the instructions and use it as directed. If you try to push it too far you will burn the motor out and set yourself up for frustration.


  • Child-Lock protection
  • 7.5’’ stainless steel serrated blade
  • 150-watt motor
  • Removable parts for cleaning and sanitization
  • Slicing range from 0 to 15 mm
  • Designed for professional use

What We Like...

  • Ultra-lightweight at 8lbs
  • High-quality anodized aluminum protects against corrosion
  • Great machine for this price point
  • A fantastic blade that arrives surgical-level sharp
  • Great for home usage


  • A fairly loud model
  • Tiny areas that need to be cleaned with a toothpick or a screwdriver

Average User Review: 4.2/ 5
Our review: 85%

Ostba may not be a household name. But do they belong in your household? Absolutely!

This is sort of our “diamond in the rough” pick. It’s just a fantastic model. If you look beyond the big-name brands that you’re used to, you will see that this machine has some of the best meat slicer reviews on the web.

This is also a great meat slicer if you have young kids at home. You need to push two buttons at once to operate the blade, which keeps it from being “accidentally” triggered. If you don’t have kids or need child-proofing, you might find that feature a little bit cumbersome.

Ostba’s offering is right there among the top professional grade meat slicers you’re going to find anywhere, with a high-performance motor that isn’t afraid of a bit of scale. However, the trade-off for that power is that it’s a relatively loud machine.

However, this is also a very light machine, despite the power. You can easily put it away and store it until it’s needed.

If you don’t mind putting your trust in some lesser-known brands and appreciate getting a good value, this is a very strong choice.


  • 9" (229mm) Ham/Salami Blade
  • Also 9" Bread & Universal Serrated Blade (for tough meats)
  • 20VAC 150 Watt Current (200 Watt Max) 60Hz motor
  • Cutting range from deli thin to 5/8" thick, with an adjustable thickness knob
  • Non-slip base for safety
  • Amazon’s Choice!

What We Like...

  • Plenty of power for home use
  • Relatively light at 14 pounds
  • Multiple blades for different jobs
  • Simple to use
  • Easy clean-up


  • Not to be compared to professional grade meat slicers, as this can only be used for short bursts
  • Some customers don’t like the layout, and a lack of a meat tray for the finished cuts

Average User Review: 4.1/ 5
Our review: 82%

This Kitchener offering is billed as a heavy-duty machine, However, that doesn't mean you should put this slicer to work in a deli or restaurant. If you’re looking for the best meat slicer for home use, give this model a close look. However, if you’re looking for something commercial grade, look at some of the other slicers on this list.

This one certainly makes the case for being the best meat slicer at the $90.00 price point. The reviews are very positive from people who were simply looking to slice some meat at home. It’s good for short bursts of 10 minutes or less, and it’s light enough to easily put in a cupboard or drawer.

If your expectations align with that, you’re going to be very happy with this machine. However, if you’re used to working with professional grade meat slicers, this one may let you down in the performance department.

Kitchener may say “our heavy-duty slicer will serve your needs.” But don’t let that fool you into thinking you’re getting a commercial grade machine for under $100.00. If that’s what you need, spend a little bit more money and go with another model.


  • 7.5” stainless steel cutting blade
  • 180 watts motor for high-yield slicing power
  • Choose from super thin to approximately ¾” via the thickness handle
  • ETL certified
  • Suction cups on the bottom to prevent slips or movement

What We Like...

  • Very durable and resistant prime coated steel and die-cast aluminum housing
  • Fantastic value at this price point
  • Slices easily and evenly
  • Very light at under 10 lbs
  • Among the best meat slicers under $65.00


  • For limited use only, needs to cool down
  • Little gaps that meat can fall into

Average User Review: 4.1/ 5
Our review: 82%

The best meat slicer reviews that you will ever read are the ones from people who have gained weight as a result of this product. That’s a sign that this slicer is being used and being loved by the people who bought it.

Gourmia gives us a very solid offering that deserves to be talked about in the “best meat slicer for home usage” debate. It’s powerful enough for the average user’s needs, and light and easy to store. It’s also very easy to clean and maintain.

As with most meat slicer reviews for any product, the detractors’ main complaints is that this is not a professional grade meat slicer. And it’s not. But, if you buy it with the right expectations and use it for what it was designed to do, we think you’ll be very happy with it.

It’s great for slicing anything from jerky to cutting fine slices of ham for doggie treats.


  • Removable 7.5” Serrated Stainless Steel Blade
  • Non-Slip Feet
  • CETL approved
  • 1-year hassle-free warranty
  • 180 watt AC motor
  • Blade safety guard and food pusher to protect your hands

What We Like...

  • Like the Gourmia, this ranks right there for the best meat slicer in the $65.00 ballpark
  • Perfect for home usage
  • Membership to Chefman’s community with free recipes and videos
  • Very light at 11 lbs
  • Chefman is a trusted name, with no-hassle returns
  • This product really focuses on safety


  • Can’t really be compared to professional grade meat slicers
  • Some customers find it tough to clean

Average User Review: 4.1/ 5
Our review: 82%

Any time you read meat slicer reviews, it’s always going to be a mixed bag. People have high hopes when they open the box for the first time. Sometimes a slicer pumps them up, sometimes it lets them down. Chefman’s slicer has mainly glowing reviews.

It certainly makes a strong case for the best meat slicer for home usage in the under $70.00 price range.

Most of the customer complaints are about it being relatively hard to clean, or having to use it very slowly. The second point is fair, but you need to manage your expectations for a model of this type, at this price. You’re not going to get deli-level-quality and performance for under $70.00.

This could be a great addition to your home, if you work slowly, don’t overrun it, and follow the manufacturer's guidelines. It’s aimed at people who entertain guests and want to give them an amazing meat/veggie tray. It’s not aimed at people who expect to be able to do bulk jobs over a long period of time.

But this model is perfect to feed your family and friends.


  • 6.7'' removable serrated stainless steel blade
  • Advanced noise reduction design
  • 60-day hassle-free return policy
  • Body is made of premium coated steel and die-cast aluminum housing
  • Easy to clean and dishwasher safe
  • Compact design

What We Like...

  • High-quality cuts, despite the smaller blade
  • A relatively quiet machine
  • Perfect for at-home use, yet small enough to be portable
  • Blade guard for safety
  • Great value at that price point


  • The small(er) size means you’re sacrificing power
  • Not ideal for much more than 8 minutes of use

Average User Review: 4/ 5
Our review: 80%

Our final entry in the Top 10 is a rock-solid machine for anyone who plans to use this for their family, and not carrying out any bulk orders.

The best meat slicer reviews for this model talk about how easy it is to use and clean. The negative reviews talk about how it started smoking after extended use.

To be fair, it’s hard to expect to get much more than 5-7 minutes of use out of a meat slicer if you pay $80.00 for it. Manage your own expectations relative to what you paid for it. However, this unit is sold for “Compact Commercial Home Use,” which is a bit misleading. Techwood’s offering doesn’t belong on a shelf next to professional grade meat slicers, even if you put the word “compact” in there as a qualifier.

Use this machine for short periods of time and you can expect gorgeous cuts of meat, fruit, cheese and veggies like finely sliced cabbage.

It’s insanely light (7 lbs), small, and portable. So, it’s easy to store or bring to a friend’s dinner party.

As a whole, this is a very solid unit and it’s probably the best meat slicer for homes that don't have a lot of counter space.

Meat Slicer Guide For Beginners

Is A Meat Slicer For Home Use Worth It?

Investing in a quality food and meat slicer isn’t exactly a light decision. They can cost significantly more than most household or kitchen appliances. A commercial grade meat slicer is also quite large and heavy, making it a challenge to keep safely stored in the average household kitchen.

While it makes perfect sense to invest in a meat slicer for business, purchasing a meat slicer for personal or home use is much more affordable. The question is, why would you spend up to $300 on a meat slicer when you can easily purchase deli meat, cheese, fruits, and vegetables pre-sliced, packaged and ready to go?

Is the investment and labor actually worth it?

A Meat Slicer Saves Money
Buying pre-sliced food is actually more costly than slicing the food yourself. Pre-sliced food requires special packaging, and the added labor also raises the cost. The average household of 4 spends between $568 – $651 per month on groceries [1]. A family of 4 can actually reduce their monthly grocery bill by as much as 70% purchasing unsliced chubs of meat, cheese, and even produce.

So, for example, a family that uses 2 pounds of deli meat per week (at $8/lb) would spend approximately $800 each year. If you purchased chubs of meat instead at $2.50/lb, you could slice them yourself and save yourself at least $550 each year.

With fewer packaged goods on your grocery list, you’ll also have fewer boxes and packaging to discard. 

What Can You Slice With A Meat Slicer

What Can You Slice With A Meat Slicer?

  • Blocks of Cheese
  • Cored Apples and other fruit (peaches, avocadoes, pineapple, watermelon, etc)
  • Bread Loaves
  • Smoked Deli Meats
  • Deboned Shanks (Pork, Beef)
  • Vegetables (potatoes, zucchini, cucumber, carrots, etc)

How To Use A Meat Slicer Safely

If you’ve never used a meat slicer before, it’s worth the time to learn the right use. There are many moving parts that need to be locked in place before you can safely slice your food [2]. The sliding mechanism, guards, and slicer thickness dial are key components of the slicer that need to be properly in place before you can use it effectively.

Key Parts Of A Meat Slicer

  • ON-OFF Switch: Turns device on or off when plugged into any standard outlet
  • Baffle Plate: Provides added stability to food while it is being cut and prevents meat falling off when slicing thicker meat. Can be single or dual baffle plate design. 
  • Blade Motor: Rotates the slicer blade at a standard RPM. You can typically find a commercial grade slicer or home meat slicer with an RPM range between 500 - 550. 
  • Slicer Blade: Ultra sharp, circular blade motorized for clean, rapid slicing. The blade should be sanitized after each use. 
  • Food Tray: Used for loading food and feeding to the slicer. Sanitize after each use.
  • Numerical Scale Knob: Manually set the thickness of each slice as desired

You’re going to be slicing meat, cheese, fruits and veggies on this device. These are all things that can get nasty (or even dangerous) if not completely cleaned up. They can also simply ruin the quality of your next batch of cuts.

Take a look at your unit’s manual, which should offer you detailed instructions on how to remove the blade and other parts to clean them properly.

Every model is slightly different, but they should all involve some combination of the following:

HowTo Properly Clean Your Meat Slicer

  1. Unplug your meat slicer. Safety first! Don’t just switch it off, unplug it. We know, there is very little chance of the power button being hit while you’re taking it apart. But unplugging it completely reduces the chances of injury down to absolute zero.
    Avoid steel wool and highly corrosive cleaning agents. You may have a heavy-duty mess on your hands, so you might want to bring out the big guns to clean it. Remember, the blade is sharp, but delicate. You want to keep it sharp and working it’s best for years to come.
  2. Disassemble the blade and trays. Your manual should give you detailed instructions on how to do so, as well as any special tools you may need.
    Remember that some blades and parts are dishwasher friendly, while others are not! Be sure to check your manual to be sure what you need to hand wash. Putting the wrong items in the dishwasher can greatly reduce the performance and life of even the best meat slicers on the market today.
  3. Try not to put off the cleaning process for too long. We know that you may be hosting a dinner party that night, but try to get to cleaning the meat slicer as quickly as you can, and avoid letting it sit overnight.
  4. Some meat slicers have tiny nooks, crannies and slight crevices that may get a bit of meat or byproduct trapped in them. Sometimes, you need to get a little bit creative and use things like a toothpick, a screwdriver, or a toothbrush to really get in there and get it clean. Don’t ignore these spots because they’re more work. Get in there and get that gunk out.

Don’t let anyone who is unfamiliar with meat slicers clean your model. This includes well-meaning dinner guests and children who are just trying to help out and lighten your workload. Get them to wash the wine glasses instead.

Check out this helpful Youtube video and learn how to safely use your meat slicer.

Important Meat Slicer Tips

Operating a meat slicer for work or at home requires care and attention. Routine cleaning is essential to avoid contamination from bacteria. The blade is extremely sharp and should never be handled while distracted.

When you’re using a food and meat slicer, there should be no other distractions (TV, phone, radio). Most importantly, a meat slicer is not for children! Keep it locked and stored safely out of reach of children or pets when not in use.

Perhaps the most important aspect of maintaining your meat slicer is sanitization. Regular and thorough cleaning is essential to avoid sickness from bacteria [3]. Food remains can easily get lodged in small crevices as well as the surfaces of your slicer. Using a toothpick, toothbrush, or other implement with fine bristles can help remove food debris thoroughly and avoid bacteria contamination.

Follow these essential maintenance tips to help you get the most of your meat slicer:

  1. Slice different types of food separately, and sanitize the blade after each use to avoid cross contamination of your food. Do not slice meat directly after slicing fruits, for example.
  2. Always disassemble and carefully clean your meat slicer after each use.
  3. Only use your slicer with safety guards in place.
  4. Turn the slicer off completely and unplug when it is not in use. Set the slicer thickness to ‘zero’ when not in use.
  5. When cleaning your meat slicer, do so by hand - not the dishwasher.
  6. Consider wearing metal chain gloves to protect your hands and fingers. Metal chain gloves are cut resistant and offer the safest protection for your fingers when slicing close to the motorized blade.
  7. Be sure to completely dry the slicer blade. Even stainless steel can rust.
  8. Frozen meat cannot be sliced with a meat slicer. Slightly thawed raw meat is better because it is firmer and easier to handle than uncooked meat that has been completely thawed.
  9. When slicing cheese, wipe the blade with a moist paper towel to keep it from sticking to the cheese.
  10. Remove seeds from fruits and vegetables before slicing, especially pithy fruits (apples, pears, peaches, avocadoes). Hard pits can severely damage the motor and the blade.
  11. Be sure to keep your meat slicer on a countertop that provides ample space. A meat slicer can be quite heavy, so it needs to rest on a sturdy, flat, well supported surface.


[1] What Americans Spend On Groceries Every Month In 22 Major Cities (Business Insider)
[2] Keep Commercial Delis Slicers Safe (USFDA)
[3] Germs May Be Lurking In Your Deli Meat Slicer (CBS News)

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