4 Best REC-TEC Grills & Smokers Reviewed – 2020 Edition

There are several different REC TEC pellet grills on the market and choosing the best one for you can be difficult. 

This guide reviews the most popular models, takes you through the differences and highlights the pros and cons of each.

By the end you should be ready to pull the trigger and treat yourself to an amazing new grill.

REC TEC Pellet Grills: A short Summary

Purchasing a REC TEC grill used to boil down to two factors: Budget and Capacity.

With the introduction of so many new grills (and a couple of retirements), there’s a lot more to consider.

Since we aren’t comparing brand to brand here, we won’t rank the grills as “good, better, best,” but rather based on size.

Except the Bullseye (more on that later) they all employ the Smart Grill Technology to deliver consistent cooks, so your choice in REC TEC grills really just boils down to capacity, price, and portability.

4 Best RECTEC Grills - Reviewed

Full-Size Model: RT-700 - Bull


Every feature imaginable

"The RT-700 is the pinnacle of smoking. It has every feature you could imagine. If you can stretch the budget, we highly recommend it."

For many years, REC-TEC’s 680 model was the standard by which other pellet smokers were judged.

Superior build quality, outstanding customer service, and innovative technology made it the best in the market.

REC TEC has retired the 680 with the release of the new RT-700 which builds upon the 680’s success with several new features while playing in roughly the same size category.

The Bull features a stainless-steel barrel body, so you will never have to worry about the paint on your grill ever cracking or peeling.

While most other grills use a dial button, RECTECs come with a patented Proportional Integral Derivative (PID) controller on top of a state of the art, custom-made touchpad. Just set your desired temperature on the touchpad and watch it work.

Rec Tec PID

REC TEC RT-700 PID Controller

The PID makes constant adjustments to pellet feed rate to compensate for weather variables, opening/closing of the lid, and unexpected temperature variations. No pellet grill maintains a more constant temperature than the REC TEC PID controller.

A new feature on the Bull is the new Wi-Pellet Wi-Fi technology. This technology lets you control your cook remotely using the REC TEC app available from Apple or Android.

Monitor grill temperature, meat temperature, and make temperature adjustments all from your smartphone.

The grill comes with two meat probes that integrate into the controller to relay information back to your app.

It’s the most expensive REC TEC model, but also the biggest with up to 1054 sq. inches of cooking space and a 40 pound pellet-hopper. It also comes with REC TEC’s standard, industry leading six-year warranty.

Rec Tec bull grill size

Massive cooking space

This is like the Ferrari of pellet grills. Sure it is will cost you a little more than most other pellet grills, but the build quality and features means it will probably last you a lifetime - and put a MASSIVE smile on your face.


  • check
    Stainless Steel construction
  • check
    REC TEC’s Smart Grill Technology Controller with Wifi control
  • check
    Industry leading 6 year warranty
  • check
    Massive capacity
  • check
    HotFlash ceramic ignition system
  • check
    REC TEC’s unmatched customer service
  • check
    40 pound pellet hopper


  • Limited mobility thanks to its size
  • Most expensive of the REC TEC models

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