7 Ridiculously Tasty Chicken Wing Recipes

Chicken wings are the first thing I throw on my grill if I’m short on time.

Here’s 7 tasty recipes to try next time you fire up the barbecue.

1. Honey Bourbon BBQ Chicken Wings

Image via The Wolfe Pit

These are some of the best wings I have ever tasted. Start off by slow cooking the chicken over indirect heat – then baste in some super tasty bourbon bbq sauce.

The results are amazing. Click here to read the recipe.

2. Honey Chipotle Wings

Image via The Meatwave

These wings need to be seasoned the night before. This results in a much crisper, textured skin as the meat has time to tenderise and dry out a little.

This gives them a nice char once they’ve been seared on the grill.

A honey and chipotle sauce gives the wings a delicious sweet and spicy flavour.

Find out how to make them here.

3. Hoisin Glazed Chicken Wings

Hoisin glazed chicken wings

For something Asian inspired, try these wings out. Hoisin and soy sauce are combined with fresh ginger and a touch of rice wine vinegar for a delicious bbq treat.

Here’s how to make them.

4. Sweet & Spicy Guava Chicken Wings

Sweet & Spicy Guava Chicken Wings

These wings are inspired by traditional Brazillian BBQ. Sweet Guava jelly is mixed with some spicy rub to make a delicious glaze.

Click here for the recipe.

5. Thai Chicken Wings With Sweet And Spicy Chili Glaze (Gai Yanng)

Gai Yanng

The classic Thai ingredients of cilantro, lemongrass and fish sauce combine to give these wings a flavour that will make your taste buds explode.

Add additional sriracha chili sauce for a fiery kick.

Get the recipe here.

6.Grilled Pickle Chicken Wings With Greek Yogurt Ranch

Pickle chicken wings

The pickle marinade in this recipe gives these wings a sour zing. This complements the fresh taste of the greek yoghurt.

If you’re bored of BBQ sauce drenched wings then give these a try.

Get the full recipe here.

7. Spicy Grilled Chicken Wings

Spicy grilled chicekn wings

Serve up a spicy treat by tossing your wings in a sauce made up of Tsang General Tsao Sauce, sriracha and fresh ginger.

Get the recipe here

What’s your go-to chicken wing recipe when firing up the grill? Let us know below.

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