Bare Decor EZ-Floor Interlocking Flooring Tiles In Solid Teak Wood Review

​Premium teak flooring can really bring together an interior, or provide a subtle yet strong undertone to an outdoor space. At Fire Food Chef, we like to spread the word when we find a home decor item that really blows us away, and the Bare Decor EZ-Floor Interlocking Flooring Tiles in Solid Teak Wood Oiled Finish has our staff buzzing!

If you’ve been wracking your brain trying to finalize a long and grueling renovation project, this Bare Decor EZ-Floor Interlocking Flooring Tiles in Solid Teak Wood Oiled Finish review gives you the details you need to know.

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Amazon Rating: 4.3 / 5 Stars

Product Name: Bare Decor EZ-Floor Interlocking Flooring Tiles in Solid Teak Wood Oiled Finish

Product Type: Indoor/Outdoor Hardwood Flooring 

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  • Outdoor Flooring (Patio, Balcony, Walkway, etc)

Bare Decor EZ-Floor Interlocking Flooring Tiles in Solid Teak Wood Oiled Finish Review (Full)


  • Dimensions: 12 x 12 x 1.1 inches
  • Weight: 2 Pounds
  • Coverage: Max 10 Sq Ft. (10-pc. Set)
  • Genuine solid Teak wood (Tectona Grandis) in oil finish
  • EZ-Floor Interlocking system (No tools required)

The Bare Decor EZ-Floor Interlocking Flooring Tiles in Solid Teak Wood is a 10-pc packaged set of solid teak wood flooring tiles. Each tile comes in a beautiful, oiled natural brown finish, for a total coverage of 10 square feet per box.

Designed for DIY installation, the interlocking tiles can quickly be installed to beautify your walkway, sauna room, patio deck, terrace, backyard pool or any other space you’d like. Wash and oil them annually, and they’ll be sure to last you for decades!

While some planning is required, you’ll never need to replace your flooring again once these beautiful, durable teak tiles are properly installed in your space!


Oddly enough, the Bare Decor EZ-Floor Interlocking Flooring Tiles are packaged without instructions for installation, but connecting them isn’t very difficult to figure out. What isn’t told in the descriptions online, however, is that there are two types of configuration.

You don’t need glue or tools to install these tiles. Their interlocking design snaps together, but there are loop ends and trim ends. Trim ends can be used for the edges of walls, for example. A loop end is designed to connect to other tiles around it.

As a result, you’ll need to carefully map out the space, and then figure out where and how many trim ends you’ll need. You can purchase either a set of pin or loop for the same price.
No glue or tools are required - just snap the interlocking tiles together.

Bare Decor EZ-Floor Interlocking Flooring Tiles Square Footage Chart



Total Square Ft (Sq Ft)

No. of Boxes Required


4” x 10”




18” x 12”




8” x 9”




3” x 4”




2” x 10”




Teak wood flooring can last up to 75 years with proper care. The solid teak wood used in the Bare Decor EZ-Floor Interlocking Flooring Tiles in Solid Teak Wood is oil finished to preserve its natural look. Harvested responsibly in Indonesia (as stated by the manufacturer) you’ll find this teak is authentic, with a high concentration of oil. Once installed and glued in place, these tiles can withstand rain, snow, heat or cold. They also resist scratches and nicks extremely well.


If you love darker woods like mahogany or cherry, but want a lighter effect, the golden blonde streaks in the grain of teakwood are probably going to do it for you. In this case, the oiled teak finish brings out the natural beauty of this valuable Indonesian wood. The golden brown finish is a great touch to any residential or commercial space where you expect heavy traffic. Your guests will have a hard time keeping their eyes off your floor!


Made of solid hardwood teak, these interlocking floor tiles are highly resistant to scratches, but they can still occur. Buffing gently with sandpaper, along with regular washing to remove dirt can keep these tiles looking their best.

Unattended, you’ll likely notice wear and tear within a year of installation. Using the recommended teak cleaner and oil regularly, however, will drastically extend the life of these hardwood tiles. 


  • Durable
  • Premium Indonesion Teak Wood
  • Easy DIY Interlocking Installation
  • Beautiful Oiled Finish


  • Requires Regularly Washing and Oiling
  • Requires 2 Types of Tiles (Loop and Trim) for an Adequate Installation

Is Teak Wood Flooring Worth It?

Furniture makers around the world agree that the world’s finest teak wood comes from one place: Southeast Asia. Unlike oak, walnut, mahogany and other common types of wood used for furniture and flooring, teak is exceptionally high in oil. As such, it is much more resistant to heat and cold. Left outdoors, it can endure snow, rain, sleet, hail, summer or winter conditions while retaining its natural beauty.

Because of its durability and weather resistance, teak tends to be more costly than other types of flooring. Premium teak wood flooring, however, will last decades with the proper maintenance and care.

How To Take Care Of Teak Flooring

Low maintenance and durable, teak is admired and sought after for its luxurious appeal. Installed as flooring in your sauna room, or as replacement flooring for your yacht deck, an oiled teak floor adds elegance to any space.

  • Highly Durable:Highly resistant to scratches and chip marks. If it’s quality teak, it should be high in oil and rubber.
  • Lasts Decades: Quality hardwood teak furniture and flooring can last up to 75 years.
  • Costly: Teak tends to be more costly than other types of wood flooring

Despite its elegance and luxurious appeal, teak flooring is relatively easy to maintain [1]. With regular cleaning and oiling, quality teak wood can withstand outdoor conditions for several years before needing replacement.

Keep your teak wood flooring looking as lavish and inviting as the first day you installed it! Use these helpful tips below.

1. Regular Teak Cleaner
Wash your teak flooring regularly with a quality teak cleaner. Depending on the level of foot traffic, monthly, quarterly, or annually should be enough to keep your teak looking healthy and glossy.

A teak cleaner is a cleaning solution specially designed for removing mildew and mold that can form on hardwood surfaces [2]. Many of the best hardwood flooring brands offer their own specialized teak cleaner. It’s best to use the brand recommended by the manufacturer.

One part teak cleaners are mildly concentrated solutions that require 10 -15 minutes of scrubbing when applied.

A two part teak cleaner includes acid and a neutralizer. You apply the acid part first, scrub, then apply the neutralizer.

2. Weekly Vacuuming
Dirt particles, dust, pet hair and microscopic particles can build up over time and adhere to any hardwood surface, whether it’s furniture or your flooring. If you’re struggling with indoor allergies, weekly vacuuming could improve the air quality in your home.

There are a ton of quality vacuum cleaners built for hardwood floors. A cordless stick vacuum allows you the convenience of moving freely around your home without the limits of a cord. You also can vacuum without having to bend your back, especially if you get one with a telescoping handle that extends.

3. Buffing
Another way to loosen dirt from the surface of your teak flooring is regular buffing. Gently scrubbing the surface can remove unevenness caused by chips or dents and help lift dirt and film from off the surface. You can then vacuum up everything using a quality vacuum with a sealed bag for collecting dust.

4. Mopping
While we wouldn’t recommend soaking your teakwood flooring in water, weekly mopping can further help to maintain its luxurious look and appeal. A damp, lint free mop and warm water are all you need.

5. Annual Teak Oil
Purely for aesthetic purposes, applying teak oil once a year is a great way to restore the luster and sheen to your flooring. Teak already has a high concentration of oil naturally, so the added teak oil will simply enhance the look.

In homes or spaces that experience a cold season, investing in a humidifier is a good idea [3]. The dryness in winter can leave your teak flooring looking dull, and more susceptible to scuff marks. A humidifier with true HEPA filtration can also significantly reduce any mold build-up on your wood flooring.


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