Cave Tools Meat Claws – Stainless Steel Pulled Pork Shredders Review

Cooking with quality utensils makes your job a lot easier and more enjoyable. When it comes to shredding large cuts of meat, you need a sturdy, sharp pair of meat claws and the Cave Tools Meat Claws Stainless Steel Pulled Pork Shredders are an excellent option. 

Handling, carving, shredding and slicing - the Cave Tools Meat Claws are a pitmaster’s dream. Whether you’re kitchen or bbq cooking, these premium stainless steel shredders may just be the only ones you’ll ever need!

Read this Cave Tools Meat Claws Stainless Steel Pulled Pork Shredders review to find out if this is the right addition to your kitchen!

Description: Premium stainless steel meat claw and pulled pork shredder

AMAZON RATING: 4.8 / 5 Stars


  • 2 Meat Claws
  • 6 Prongs each with extended knuckle gap
  • Stainless Steel
  • BPA-free Handle
  • Dishwasher-safe

Cave Tools Meat Claws Stainless Steel Pulled Pork Shredder Review (Full)

Premium Meat Claws

Tired of trying to shred chicken breast or pork with a fork? 

Awarded the prestigious ‘Best New Products’ Of 2024 by, the Cave Tools Meat Claws  is a stainless steel bbq meat rake and pulled pork shredder. Hold, slice, shred, or pull, these meat claws can shred through a large roast or turkey breast as easily as a hot knife through butter.  

Quality meat claws are designed for shredding large cuts of meat quickly and neatly. Dull tips, short blades and uncomfortable handles are some of the problems you’ll find in poor quality meat claws, but not these. The Cave Tools Meat Claws are made for meat lovers!

No Job Is Too Big!

‘No job is too big for Cave Tools’, and after using the meat claws you’ll be convinced that it’s more than just a company slogan. Large sized, versatile, with textured, non-slip handles, the Cave Tools Meat Stainless Steel Pulled Pork Shredders give you added control when it comes to handling any cut of meat. No more wrestling with your meat! You can easily dig in and flip a wieldy game bird, or remove and carve a large sirloin steak from a sizzling grill safely.

Used with a pair of quality bbq gloves, you’ll feel more like a giant grizzly bear with these meat claws in your hands as you quickly make short work of a large smoked brisket or pork shoulder. Each claw has 6 stainless steel blades, with gaps wide enough for your baby finger to fit. This breadth is much wider than a fork, making it ideal for quickly shredding a chicken breast or a 20lb turkey.

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Deadly-Looking But Safe

Even though they look imposing, and, yes, as the instructions say, you’ll feel like a ‘wolverine’, the Cave Tools Meat Claws are incredibly safe. The cutting blades are dulled on the ends so they don’t pierce or puncture meat the way a meat knife does, for instance. You won’t have to worry about scratching your teflon-coated frying pan or your grilling surface when you dig in to shred your meat.

When you’re finished, the Cave Tools Meat Claws can be thrown into your dishwasher or washed by hand with a sponge. Suitable for competition grilling or your average kitchen use, these stainless steel shredders won’t bend or warp the way plastic does.

A Great Gift Idea

This is the kind of purchase that would make a great gift for any relative or friend who truly enjoys their grilling and takes their cooking seriously. In addition to the pair of meat claws, Cave Tools has also included some great learning tools for aspiring pitmasters and chef. 

Just use your order number to download a free Meat Smoking Journal (iOS & Android App) for tracking and comparing your recipe results. You also get 25 BBQ recipes with step by step instructions, as well as detailed grilling tutorials and access to over 135 videos.

Final Assessment

Well constructed, durable, and versatile, the Cave Tools Meat Claws Stainless Steel Pulled Pork Shredders are a great purchase that won’t leave you with buyer’s regret. You’ll find that Cave Tools isn’t just a brand, they’re you’re cooking partner and teacher. These meat claws will be around to help you perfect your recipes for many years. 

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What We Like…

  • VERSATILE USE: Ideally suited for shredding or pulling chicken, beef, brisket, turkey, poultry, hams, roasts or any other food from your grill, smoker, big green egg or crock pot.
  • DURABLE: Stainless steel construction won’t bend or warp with use and is highly resistant to corrosion. It also has a BPA-free handle and is dishwasher safe for easy maintenance.
  • SAFE DESIGN: The Cave Tools Meat Claws are large but blunted on the tips to prevent accidental harm. Even children can use these meat claws safely to handle meat.
  • TEXTURED NON SLIP HANDLES: Large non-slip handles have extended knuckle space and bear-paw design so you can really dig in and make short work of a large turkey breast or 12 lb smoked brisket.
  • GIFT PACKAGING: Includes iOS and Android app download for meat smoking enthusiasts and aspiring pitmasters, with 25 recipes and access to over 135 grilling videos. The packaging is perfectly designed for gift wrapping.

A lifetime guarantee is also offered by the manufacturer.


  • Extended knuckle gap might be too large for some. They are not ideal for fine shredding or for pulling small portions of meat.

Is Cave Tools The Best Brand For You?

Follow them on Facebook, join the GrillMaster University, or watch any of their dozens of tutorials and videos, you’ll get the same feeling over and over again. Cave Tools is one of the few brands that seems to truly embrace their customers as a community [1]. Their marketing is simple and direct, with messaging that appeals to anyone who’s serious about their BBQ utensils.

Featured on such programs as The "Q" Review, BBQ Central Radio Station, Outdoor Cooking Channel, FOX, NBC, ABC, Cave Tools was established in 2005 and has quickly become a household name [2]. Founded by Michael “Medium Rare’ O’Donnell, the company is a tight-knit operation, not a large conglomerate, and they operate more like a family than a business, with a focus on community and amazing customer service, as evidenced by their lifetime guarantee.

As the company explains, each of their grilling utensils are put through rigorous testing. Designs are built on extensive market research, including thousands of user reviews, to perfect their products before releasing them to market. You can see it in the versatile design of the Cave Tools Meat Claws, for example, which improves on many of the standard features of a shredder using subtle differences.

You can likely expect new versions of the meat claws and other Cave Tools grilling utensils in the future. The company is constantly tweaking and reviewing their products for ways to improve them. If you’re ever stuck for a gift idea, you can usually find a Cave Tools utensil that is perfectly package for a gift.

What Are Meat Claws Used For?

A set of premium meat claws, also known as meat shredders, bear claws, or pulled pork shredders, combines the benefits of several grilling utensils in one. They’re designed for handling large cuts of meat like a fork, and for shredding or pulling meat. Shaped like a rake or animal claw, they can quickly shred or pull meat with less hassle than ordinary cutlery.

Large roasts, chicken, turkey or ham can be unwieldy cuts of meat to handle. Removing them from a hot grill surface or frying pan can be awkward with just a fork. Even spatulas can bend under the weight of a thick angus steak, and a meat fork is a great for piercing, but not shredding or slicing.

Meat claws give you the versatility of a spatula, a fork, and a knife all in one. Instead of using a spatula, meat fork and a large, sharp meat knife, you can use a pair of meat claws to do the job of all three. That’s less cleanup for you and a much more efficient way of cooking!

What Cut Should You Use For Shredding Meat?

How do you know which is the best cut of meat for shredding [3]? Can you shred a chicken wing? Not all parts of an animal are suitable for pulled meat recipes. With the right cut of beef, pork, poultry or game bird, your pulled meat will be moist, flavorful, and shred easily.

Beef And Pork

Beef chuck, beef brisket, or pork shoulder are the best for shredding beef or pork. You’ll find endless recipes that call for either shredded beef or pulled pork. These are all fairly inexpensive cuts that you can get at any butcher or grocery. 

Large cuts of beef and pork require ‘low and slow’ cooking over several hours for the best results. They take long, but once you put them in your grill or smoker and set the right temperature,  they don’t need a lot of ‘babysitting’ or attention.


For pulled or shredded chicken, use chicken thighs, which are more moist and flavorful than other parts of the chicken. You can also use boneless, skinless chicken breasts, if you prefer white meat.


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