Golden Flame Patio Heater (XL-Series) 46,000 BTU Propane Gas Review

Planning a New Year’s celebration in the outdoors? Hosting a swanky soiree in the cold air can either be a cozy affair or a frigid experience. The right patio heater, however, can instantly add ambience and warmth to your patio space, deck, shed or barn. If you’re looking for a quality patio heater, the Golden Flame Patio Heater XL-Series could be the right option for you.

Propane heaters are a great solution for heating outdoor spaces. Patio heaters, of course, come in all makes and sizes. Sizing the right one is key to making the right choice. In this detailed Golden Flame Patio Heater XL-Series review, we look at the specifications and features of the 2019 newly improved deluxe model.

Amazon Rating: 4.2 / 5 Stars


  • Dimensions: 20 x 35 x 89 inches
  • Weight: 45 pounds
  • Advanced "Pilotless" Burner system (No standing Pilot Flame)
  • Rapid-Spark Electronic Ignition System
  • Bottom Sand Reservoir (Adds 25 lbs to Heater Base)
  • 46,000 BTU's with SS Burners & Double Mantel Heating Grids
  • Attractive Matte Mocha Finish w/Mobility Wheels

Best Suited For

  • Outdoor Patio
  • Enclosed Outdoor Space (min 10ft ceiling)
  • 1000 Sq ft or less

Golden Flame Patio Heater XL-Series Review (Full)


Engineered for safety with the latest advances in heat technology, the Golden Flame Patio Heater XL-Series Deluxe is a commercial grade patio heater collection. Made entirely of durable stainless steel, this 45,000 BTU patio is both attractive and powerful enough to heat most outdoor spaces comfortably.

No Pilot Light!

Utilizing a standard 20 pound LPG BBQ tank, the Golden Flame can burn for several hours of cozy warmth in chill conditions. The“Pilotless” Burner System reduces fuel waste significantly, unlike the standing-pilot of other patio heaters. By eliminating the standing pilot, windy conditions won’t affect the heater’s performance, leaving you out in the cold when it shuts down unexpectedly.

Easy Ignition And Powerful Heat

With its simple, Rapid-Spark, manual push button igniter, the Golden Flame heats your patio, deck, or enclosed shed rapidly, thanks to its powerful, highly efficient stainless steel burners.

At an impressive 46,000 BTU’s, the XL-Series is one of the most powerful heaters out there period. Their patented reflector hood directs heat away from the ceiling towards the floor, ensuring your safety and warmth even in an enclosed space that’s poorly insulated.

Stable Design

For stability in gusty outdoor conditions, the Golden Flame XL-Series* Patio Heater includes a bottom sand reservoir, but the sand isn’t included. Filled to capacity, the reservoir adds 25 lbs to the base of the heater providing a secure foundation.

Portable And Safe

Should the Golden Flame happen to tip over, the built-in Tilt-Switch will immediately shut the unit off. Convenient mobility wheels on the bottom are also included to make positioning your heater easier.

What We Like….

  • ASSEMBLY: Easy to do and easy to follow instructions even for a novice. the patio heater is actually designed for DIY assembly so you don’t have to spend extra money on hiring an expert. You’ll find it relatively painless and it should take no more than 1 hr to complete.
  • ​The most challenging part of the assembly process is removing the film covering from the metal dome part of the heater. Otherwise, attaching a propane tank is super easy. Once you’ve got in position, there’s nothing left to do but hit the ignition.
  • FUEL: Requires standard liquid propane gas. On the lowest setting, a full 20 pound tank will last approximately 6 - 8 hours
  • HEATING CAPACITY: With 45,000 BTU’s of propane power at its disposal, this patio heater can sufficiently heat a 1000 sq ft space. It provides the perfect level of warmth and comfort for heating a large patio deck or a cozy outdoor restaurant space.
  • The patio heater can also be used to heat an enclosed space temporarily, such as a barn for example, or an enclosed patio with a ceiling. With proper ventilation and enough clearance, the heat is sufficient enough to keep everyone warm even in subzero temperatures.
  • Due to the lamp design, the heating is directed down, so there’s little concern about a fire hazard in an enclosed outdoor space. If you have at least least 36 inches clearance on top and at least 24 inches on sides from combustible materials, the patio heater will warm you quickly and safely.
  • IGNITION: Even after remaining idle for months, the Rapid-Spark Electronic Ignition System fires up instantly. No fussing with dials or loading fuel. You simply turn it on and SS burners instantly begin radiating heat.


  • You’ll need more than one if you want to sufficiently heat a large outdoor space with poor insulation. Anything larger than 1000 sq ft will require more BTU’s or an additional heater.
  • Storing this patio heater may require you to disassemble it because of the height.
  • You need to fill the base with sand to keep the patio heater from falling over in windy conditions. The additional 25 lbs is needed to prevent it from tipping.

How Many BTU’s Is Enough For A Large Outdoor Patio?

One of the most important factors in sizing the right patio heater is BTU output. BTU is a universal unit for measuring the heat output of heating appliances such as space heaters, furnaces, BBQ grills, gas stoves, and patio heaters. The higher the BTU, the more heat the unit produces.

You can find furnaces and even grills with BTU output as high as 100,000, but how many BTU’s do you actually need to keep sufficiently warm?

Square footage is the next most important factor in sizing your patio heater. A heater with 100,000 BTU’s, for example, would be more than you need to heat a 1000 sq ft outdoor space. On the other hand, 27,000 BTU’s would not sufficiently heat a 1000 sq ft space that was poorly insulated, but it would work in an enclosed space with adequate insulation.


Sq Footage (Approx)

200 or less

400 or less

600 or less

800 or less

1000 max


3000 BTU

6000 BTU

9000 BTU

12,000 BTU

15,000 BTU

Moderate Insulation

6000 BTU

12,000 BTU

18,000 BTU

24,000 BTU

30,000 BTU

No/Poor Insulation

9,000 BTU

18,000 BTU

27,000 BTU

36,000 BTU

45,000 BTU

4 Ways To Heat Your Patio In Fall Or Winter

Outdoor Fire Pit

If wood burning is banned in your area but you still want the feel of a fireplace, an outdoor fire pit is a viable alternative. Gas and propane fire pits are, in fact, increasingly becoming more popular because the reduced carbon footprint.

Portable and low cost, a fire pit is designed to sit low on the ground. It can be custom built or bought in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Shop around and you’ll find one that suits both your budget and decor. 

Portable Patio Heater Or Lamp

For an elegant outdoor event such as a wedding reception, anniversary, or formal gathering, a portable patio heater or patio lamp is a great option. Designed and shaped like a lamp, their elongated shape is topped by a metal reflector shade that directs heat downward. Their slender shape makes them easy to place in corners or as the centerpiece to a stylish outdoor setting.

There are a wide selection of portable patio heaters on the market. The vast majority require liquid propane fuel, but capacity and BTU output will vary. No electricity is required to operate one, and their metal construction makes them highly durable. You will need to restock the propane tank when it runs out, however, which adds to the cost of operation.

Perhaps the biggest challenge is storage. Due to their height, patio lamps and patio heaters need to be disassembled for easy storage. Fortunately, most brands of the best patio heater are quite easy to put together, with DIY components and instructions included.


A chimenea is an outdoor, freestanding fireplace. Similar in concept and design to a potbelly furnace, the furnace pit is bulbous shaped, with a front-loading aperture for loading logs. They come in other shapes as well, but all include a tall, vertical smoke stack or vent.

These lightweight, portable furnaces can be set up in just about any outdoor space. You can find charming, terra cotta chimeneas with hand painted designs, or chimeneas with metal parts that require assembly. Cast iron and aluminum options are also available.

Due to its potbelly design, a chimenea can even be used to provide warmth outdoors under rainy conditions. Heat is controlled in the same way as a wood burning stove or fireplace, by adding logs.

Heated Flooring

Exterior flooring can be heated with the help of a professional service. Like interior heated floors, a heating system is installed under the flooring of your patio or deck. Heated floors use radiant heat powered by electricity to warm the floor surface.

With radiant heated floors safely installed, you can easily melt away snow and ice from your deck or patio. You’ll find that the most typical operating temperature range for radiant floor heating systems is between 85-140 °F (30-60C). They’re not designed to retain heat as well as a furnace however, so they can be a significant source of energy use in your home.

At an average of $5 - $8 per square footage, it can be costly to install as well as to operate and maintain.

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