Grilled Herby Steak Onion And Mushroom Skewers

Skewered meat and vegetables are one of my favourite things to grill when I’m cooking for large groups of people.

I find the novelty of combining different meats and different vegetables on a skewer exciting. Add a flavoursome dry rub and you’ve got all the ingredients of some great fire food. 

This is one of my favourite ways to serve up skewered steak.

Instead of using a traditional dry spice rub – we are going to use a few herbs.

You can play around with different combinations but my favourite is oregano and rosemary.


When it comes to skewers, you can really use any cut of steak.

Although, personally, I tend to shy away from the better quality cuts as I would rather grill those whole and enjoy them on their own.

For this recipe, I just use a couple pieces of sirloin. Although skirt steak would also do just fine.


Sometimes, I find skewering mushrooms to be a little tricky.

For some reason, the skewer causes the mushrooms to crack and slowly break into two. To avoid this, I like to use large white closed cap mushrooms. I cut them into quarters so the skewer doesn’t have too much flesh to try and penetrate through. 

To prepare the onions, just quarter them and separate the layers. 

chopped mushrooms

Cut the steak into, at least, chunks 1 inch thick. If you have steak that’s a little on the thin side then just cut it into strips as you can fold the steak as you place it onto the skewer.

Once the steak has been chopped up, I like to brine it with some kosher salt.

This tenderises the meat and makes it extra juicy. I would recommend dry-brining for at least 30 minutes, giving the salt plenty of time to penetrate the meat. 

brining steak

Once 30 minutes are up, add the steak into a bowl, along with the mushrooms and onions.

Add a good few dashes of olive oil followed by one and a half teaspoons of dried rosemary and oregano. Leave to marinade for 2 hours.  


When the 2 hours are nearly up, it’s time to start preparing the grill. Personally, I like to grill with over a kamado cooker or over charcoal on a Webber Kettle.  

I set the kettle up for 2 zone cooking. This allows me to start off with a slow cook before searing the skewers over high heat.

If you are using gas then just turn it on 5 minutes before you are ready to cook to give the grate time to warm up.

Next it’s time to skewer the steak and veg. 

skwered steak mushrooms and onions

Once the grate has warmed up give it a quick clean with a wire brush. Then, lay your skewers out on the indirect cooking zone.

I like to start by cooking the skewers indirectly as I find that cooking mushrooms from raw over direct heat can leave the outside charred and the inside undercooked. By starting indirectly, you can cook both the steak and mushrooms without charring the outside.

Once they’ve had 10 – 15 minutes cooking indirectly, Move the skewers directly over the hot coals to sear the meat and finish them off. Maximum 1 minute per side.

Then take them off the grill and serve up.

finished grilled meat skewers

To serve, I like to stuff them into a warm pitta along with some crisp lettuce and sauce. Delicious!

Here’s the full recipe:

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