How To Use The Heat Canyon Method On Your BBQ

When the sun comes out so do the BBQ grills.

Many of us guys like nothing better than taking charge of the grill, prodding and poking pieces of meat as we BBQ.

If it wasn’t for the cool beer in our hands, it might even look kind of primal.

We often search for new techniques, so here’s some advice on how to utilize the heat canyon method.

The heat canyon method will grill your food to perfection both inside and out.

You’ll have the whole neighborhood talking about your grilling greatness. Everyone will be begging to hear the secrets to your expertise once they taste your culinary delights.

So let me tell you how it’s done.

What Is the Heat Canyon Method?

Barbecue Setup

No, you don’t need to head on over to the Grand Canyon.

You can do it right there in your yard.

This is a grilling technique which uses indirect heat to cook meats perfectly on the outside and inside.

The typical method we use for grilling is direct heat, where we toss in the coals and light them up. Once the coals are ready, we throw our burgers and meats on the rack and start grilling.

The heat generated by a grill is extremely high. This direct method cooks some cuts of meat too quickly on the outside, yet leaves the inside raw.

The heat canyon method cooks more evenly, so you can grill bigger cuts of meat or whole chickens.

For this technique, you need to set your grill up in a certain way, and I’m going to explain how.

First of all, place your coals on opposite sides of your BBQ; this will make two heat walls.

In the middle of your grill, place a drip tray to catch the juices.

Then close the lid and let it heat up like an outdoor oven. You want the temperature to reach around 345 degrees Fahrenheit.

Some grills come with special baskets which you can set up in this way. Maybe you always wondered what this was for? Well now you know. Even without this basket, if you prep your grill as I described above, it works just the same.

Using the canyon method creates direct sections of heat on the sides. This leaves the middle to get the indirect heat. This middle section will be cooler than the outside areas, allowing meats to cook evenly throughout.

Keeping the lid closed creates an outdoor oven effect and helps to distribute the heat evenly.

To maintain the heat, you need to use the top and bottom vents. Opening and closing the vents will allow you to adjust the temperature accordingly.

After about an hour of cooking you will probably need to add more coals. When you add the new coals, leave the grill open until they ignite, then continue cooking as before.

This heat canyon method can also be done if you have a gas grill.

How you do it will depend how many burners are on your BBQ. If you have a double burner grill you would light one side on high and cook on the opposite side.

If you have three burners, light the front and rear and cook in the middle. For four burners, you would light the outer ones and cook in the middle. Keep adjusting the burner knobs until you reach the ideal temperature of 345 degrees Fahrenheit.

Why Choose the Heat Canyon Method?

BBQs are no longer just for burgers and sausage at your neighborhood block party.

Grilled food is extremely popular and much healthier for us. 

When the weather is great, what better way to prepare our food than outdoor grilling?

People are becoming more creative with their food and want more from their grill. Let’s face it, food always seems to taste better when it’s cooked outdoors on a grill.

This BBQ technique helps to improve that taste even more.

Using Canyon Method On Chicken Grill

Using the heat canyon method is perfect when it comes to cooking larger portions of meat. It is also a perfect way to cook tougher cuts to perfection, such as ribs and brisket.

Cooked long and slow, these often hard-to-chew meats turn into tender, melt-in-your-mouth pieces of meat perfection. You will have people wanting more, and begging to know what your grilling secrets are.

If you’re having a party or a family dinner, you may want a large cut of meat. Some events just call for meals beyond the grilled basics of hamburgers and hot dogs.

This method is the most perfect way to prepare larger, more substantial meals. 

You could even grill your Thanksgiving turkey using the heat canyon method.

Another great reason to use this method is the fact you can add in extra flavor to your meats. Marinades are a great way to add more taste to meat and poultry. By introducing wood smoke to your BBQ, you can take the meal to a whole new level.

Adding wood smoke to the grill brings a great smokey flavor to your cooked meats. If you want to increase the flavor this way, it’s quite an easy thing to do.

Soak the wood chips in water for around 30 minutes to make them generate more smoke. Drain the chips and toss about one-half a cup of soaked chips to each pile of coal. This is what will generate the smoke.

Close the lid and wait for the meat to be slowly cooked to perfection. The end result will be perfectly-cooked meat or poultry, with a delicious smokey BBQ taste.


Family BBQ

BBQs are such a wonderful way to enjoy food, whether for a large party or an everyday family meal.

Learning new methods of grilling helps to keep mealtime exciting.

Your family and friends will be in awe of the great food you serve using this technique. They will be asking you to be out grilling every weekend.

Gone are the days where you dish out burgers, hot dogs and chicken wings at your grill. Now that you know how to use the heat canyon method, you’ve reached the next level of grilling.

You'll be serving juicy ribs, tender brisket, other succulent cuts of meat or whole chickens.

Marinaded to perfection, you can add that smoked BBQ flavor to your food too.

What are you waiting for? Get your grill out of the garage and get started with your new-found technique.




About the Author William Clay

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