Homall Outdoor Patio Round Daybed With Retractable Canopy Review

Looking to create the ideal lounge atmosphere for your outdoor pool or patio? If you’ve never heard of Homall Furniture, you’re missing out on some quality patio decor! After hours of combing online reviews, the Homall Outdoor Patio Furniture Round Daybed With Retractable Canopy came up as a hot item repeatedly.

So we decided to check it out for ourselves. And we are impressed. Economically priced, sturdy, and attractive, this patio furniture set weds style and comfort seamlessly, without costing you a fortune!

Read the full Homall Outdoor Patio Furniture Round Daybed With Retractable Canopy review for all the details. The overview below provides a quick snapshot of our overall impression.

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Product Name: Homall Outdoor Patio Round Daybed with Retractable Canopy Wicker Furniture Sectional Seating with Washable Cushions for Patio Backyard Porch Pool Daybed Separated Seating (Beige)

Product Type: Outdoor Patio Wicker Furniture with sectional seating and adjustable canopy

Best Suited For:

  • Outdoor Patio
  • Pool Deck

Homall Outdoor Patio Furniture Round Daybed With Retractable Canopy Review

The Homall Outdoor Patio Furniture Round Daybed With Retractable Canopy is an outdoor patio furniture set with sectional seating and a retractable canopy. With its elegant design and simulated wicker texturing, it immediately stands out among your patio decor. Built from handcrafted components and quality all-weather resistant polyethylene, your investment will likely last several years under normal wear and tear.

Compared to other similar types of outdoor sectionals of the same material, the Homall Outdoor Patio Furniture Round Daybed is surprisingly affordable. Assembly is definitely a 2-person job, but the effort is worth the reward. The retractable canopy, thick padded seating and sectional design provide flexibility when it comes to space considerations.

Whether you choose to enjoy the Homall Round Daybed as a cozy 3-seater, patio chairs, a large comfortable bed for lounging, or as a two-piece sofa and ottoman, this outdoor patio offers your money’s worth in spades.

Key Features

  • Dimensions: 66 x 66 x 63” inches
  • Weight: 102 Pounds
  • Retractable Canopy
  • Flexible Sectional Seating
  • 300 Pound Max Weight Capacity
  • Lightweight PE Rattan Wicker
  • Steel Frame Construction
  • All-weather Resistant


All the necessary parts, including the screws, bolts, and an allen wrench are conveniently packaged together. Each piece has a powder-coated aluminum frame covered in synthetic rattan weave. The rattan wicker material is actually highly durable all weather polyethylene handwoven together .

With two people helping, as the instructions recommend, you can complete the full assembly in under two hours. On your own will take considerably longer, at least double the time. Although the components are all individually sealed with labels, there is some confusion in the directions.

To avoid frustration, we found it best not to separate or open the parts until you’re ready to use them. Then as you assemble each part, don’t tighten the screws until you’re finished. That way, if you make a mistake, you can quickly disassemble the part and rearrange it properly.

If you have a power drill with a hex bit, it will also save you time in the assembly, and be a lot easier on your wrists.

Construction Quality

Made of all-weather polyethylene, the elegant wicker frame in black is not only stylish but durable [1]. It has a weather-proof coating that resists rain, snow, heat and cold much better than natural wicker does. The telescopic pole and steel metal frame for the canopy is flexible and powder coated for weather resistance as well.


One of the best features of the Homall Outdoor Patio Furniture Round Daybed With Retractable Canopy is its functionality. It actually is a 4 in one sectional design: canopy sofa, patio chair, ottoman, and bed. The sofa bed easily separates into an ottoman and sofa, so you can sit under the canopy and enjoy a meal using the ottoman part, for example.

Adjusting the telescopic is easy using the telescopic steel rod. At full extension, the canopy reaches just over four feet high, or 49.3” inches, providing ample shade from the hot sun. In its bed configuration it takes up the most space, but otherwise you’ll find it extremely compact.


In addition to functionality, the Homall Outdoor Patio Furniture Round Daybed With Retractable Canopy is ergonomically designed for hours of shaded relaxation. Generously sized, you can fit three adults comfortably on the sofa bed, or seat 2 -3 people on the canopy sofa section separately.

Thick padding is used for the large bed as well as the seating. There are cushions included, but they’re quite thin and don’t provide much support. You’re probably better off replacing them with your own choice of fluffy cushions.

A compact weave design and strong cross structure steel framing makes each section extremely stable and sturdy. Whether you use the sofa bed, the sofa, or individual chairs, you and your guests can enjoy the ultimate support and comfort, knowing the frame won’t give way, warp or bend after only a few uses.

Cleaning And Maintenance
Thanks to its compact design and all-weather construction, cleaning and maintaining the Homall Outdoor Patio Furniture Round Daybed isn’t very difficult or time consuming. The thick, sponged seat cushion in beige is soft and washable for several years of use.

What we like...

  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: Durable steel frame and handwoven all-weather resistant rattan wicker provide sturdy support for a relaxing, comfortable outdoor experience. Rain, snow, heat or cold, the rattan wicker is all-weather polyethylene which holds up much better than natural wicker in outdoor conditions.
  • RETRACTABLE CANOPY: The Homall Outdoor Patio Round Daybed Set includes a telescopic pull rod for adjusting the height of the canopy for the ultimate convenience. Close the canopy for the maximum shade from the direct sun or open it for the perfect, relaxing suntan in your backyard.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT: The PE rattan construction is light and can easily be relocated with the help of 2 people. Attractive design and textured rattan look immediately enhances the decor of your outdoor patio.
  • SPACIOUS AND COMFORTABLE: Ergonomic design provides optimum comfort for curling up with a good book or catching up with a friend on a cool evening. Thick padding and extra large size make the Homall Outdoor Patio Round Daybed a cozy fit for up to 3 people. Seat cushions are a bit thinner than we’d like but a minor detail. Arrange them to your desire and fasten in place with the plastic buckle.
  • FLEXIBLE DESIGN: Also divides into two parts, a sofa and ottoman for added convenience.


  • THIN CUSHIONS: Yes, a minor detail, but they would really round out the amazing quality of this handcrafted patio bed. Wash them on a delicate cycle, or get cushion-covers, otherwise they may shred in your washing machine.
  • ASSEMBLY: Requires a minimum of 2 people to complete the assembly in about 90 minutes. If you choose to assemble it on your own, however, you may find the directions a bit vague, but not impossible to figure out. Some of the poles aren’t marked, as we mentioned earlier, which is the main reason for some of the confusion. What helps a lot is to use a drill with a hex bit, that cuts your time big time.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Homall Outdoor Patio Furniture Round Daybed With Retractable Canopy stands out as one of the best patio furniture pieces in its price range, beating out many other top brands. You won’t find a less expensive option with better quality.

Functional, flexible and durable, this is one purchase you won’t regret!


[1] Pros and Cons of Resin Wicker (San Francisco Gate)

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