Review of the COOKSHACK SM009-2 SMOKETTE Electric Oven

The best part about an electric smoker oven is that they are easy to use and make it easy to please your guests! There are fewer things more embarrassing than serving overcooked or undercooked meat to your guests and this electric smoker will ensure that you avoid that dreaded situation completely

This beginner smoker oven is perfect for hosts looking to up their meat game – it’s all about finding the oven that suits your needs! Personally, at FireFoodChef we love the COOKSHACK SM009-2 SMOKETTE Electric Oven.


Review of the COOKSHACK SM009-2 SMOKETTE Electric Oven

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This product boasts easy use ranging from its set up to its cooking functions. It’s straight forward and will make it easy to cook meat that you can be proud to serve to your guests. If you are looking to add an electric smoker oven to your collection of cooking appliances, make sure to check out our reviews of the best electric smokers to help you make an educated decision.

Be sure to read our full review to understand why we stand behind this COOKSHACK electric smoker.

Key Features of COOKSHACK SM009-2 SMOKETTE Electric Oven

  • 588 sq. inch cooking space with 3 nickel-plated grill racks
  • Broad temperature range from 140 °F to 250 °F
  • All removable parts are machine washable, making clean-up a breeze
  • The 4 casters simplify shifting the Smokette around and lock into place for complete stability when you’re all set up
  • Rock-solid build with double-walled stainless-steel inside and out


Cookshack is a company that’s been in the business for a half-century, and they boast an impressive range of smokers.

The SM009-2 Smokette is an entry-level model, but this shouldn’t be taken as a slight. Still family-owned and operated, Gene and Judy’s Cookshack continues to bring commercial-grade smokers into the home kitchen or backyard.

As with all Cookshack smokers, you’ll get that authentic BBQ taste without any taint or aftertaste, and user-friendliness is uppermost. So, whether you’re just starting down the smoking route or an experienced practitioner, what has the Smokette got to offer?

Review of the COOKSHACK SM009-2 SMOKETTE Electric OvenSize: Portable & Stable

First up, let’s talk about that small footprint. The Smokette measures up at just 16 x 17.5 x 30.6 inches, although it’s fairly heavy at 76 pounds. This weight is mitigated through casters that make it easy to move around if you need to. These wheels lock tightly into place so you won’t have any stability issues.

The 588 square inches of cooking real estate is enough for between 20 and 25 pounds of meat. This is split over those three nickel-plated racks of 14 x 14 inches.

Build: Strong & Durable

Don’t confuse scaled-down dimensions with inferior build quality. Cookshack follows through fully even on their cheaper smokers. The heavy-gauge stainless steel is welded and comes with double walls. 850-degree Spin-Glas insulation prevents the outer walls from overheating, making sure it stays cool to the touch.

The cookbox is stainless steel, too while the drip pan is aluminum. Attention to detail extends to the racks. These are nickel-plated for durability, easy maintenance, and long lifespan. It’s a no brainer; you’re going to want to add this electric smoker to your backyard BBQ tools.

A small but important bonus is the class-leading 63-inch power cord. Often, power outlets outside are at a premium. The last thing you want is to be forced to locate your smoker where you don’t really want it just to be close to an outlet. With the Smokette, you’ve got at least a little more freedom of positioning.

Cooking: Give Your Meat Some Oomph

An electric smoker running on 120 volts, the heating element is 500 watts, which is fit for purpose but could do with a little more oomph. With all the moisture effectively locked in, though, you’ll get a juicy taste.

Since the heat and humidity have no way out, your food will be cooked evenly all the way through every time. If you’re a beginner when it comes to meat, don’t fret! Check out our meat smoking guide to learn how to smoke meat.

In fact, temperature consistency makes this a great smoker for beginners since it irons out a lot of the guesswork in the absence of the meat probe that is only available on the higher-end Cookshack models.

Hickory smoking wood comes included to get you off to a flying start. This imparts an instinctive taste to your food without overpowering it.

Review of the COOKSHACK SM009-2 SMOKETTE Electric OvenEasy Setup and Cleaning

Setting up this smoker is straightforward. The instructions keep things simple, and you should be ready to roll in 30 minutes or so even if you have no experience with smokers.

Once you’re done cooking, cleaning this smoker is a walk in the park. You should obviously disconnect the unit first then allow it to properly cool. Be patient. Take out the grills and racks and wash with water and mild soap. It is possible to pop these into the dishwasher but exercise caution.

Sidestep any harsh detergents if you take this route. Quickly sweep out any ash and wood remaining inside. Grease can be easily removed with paper towels or a cloth. Empty out the drippings from the pan.

Minimal Maintenance

Required maintenance is minimal. Pop a couple of drops of oil on the hinge pins twice a year to minimize the chance of sticking. Check the wiring and plug regularly as you would with any appliance that spends time outdoors. Make sure none of the screws on the wheels have loosened from time to time. That’s about the extent of it, so it’s a simple machine to keep running at its best.


Cookshack offers a decent spread of accessories. We strongly recommend that you investigate the cover they offer. Keeping your smoker protected will prolong its lifespan considerably.

Think of this cover as an investment rather than an expense. Parts, wood, and pellets are all inexpensive and readily available. You can also pick up some handy cookbooks, great for inspiration if you’re new to smoking and always worth a look even if you’re an old hand.


Covered by the standard Cookshack warranty, the oven is guaranteed to be free of defects, and the warranty covers parts and labour for the first 90 days. Over the first two years, Cookshack will happily repair or replace any parts they consider defective after the examination. Customer care is a point of pride with this company.


The significant downside of the Cookshack is the price. While it’s far from their most expensive model, it’s still not cheap by the standards of many competitors. We’d urge you to consider that solid build, think about your intended usage and look at overall value rather than purely the bottom line.

Other than pricing, we have to say the cooking area dimensions leave something to be desired. With just those three fairly small grills, think carefully about how many people you regularly cook for to avoid being cramped. It would be a letdown if 25 pounds of meat doesn’t cut it for you and your guests.

The Smokette doesn’t have a digital display which is something of a disappointment at this price-point. That said, this is an advantage for some as it simplifies operation considerably. There’s a crisp dial allowing you to manipulate the temperature.

Verdict: COOKSHACK SM009-2 SMOKETTE Electric Oven

This smoker is suitable for the person who wants quality but not quantity. You will get great results, but this smoker does not produce large batches at once.

If this sounds like you, then investing in the Cookshack Smokette may be one of the best choices you’ve ever made!

There’s a lot to love about this light weight, quality electric smoker oven. Especially if you are new to the world of meat cooking, this electric oven will help you home in on your meat smoking skills.


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