Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker Review: A Timeless Classic

If you’re looking to buy a smoker, then you have probably come across the Weber Smokey Mountain cooker before.

This is not surprising at all because the WSM is one of the best there is.

However, your search does not end here. You still have to choose between the different WSM cookers.

The name Weber has long been associated with quality and their Smokey Mountain Cooker is no exception.

But the question is which of the three models – the 14-inch, 18-inch and 22-inch – is right for you?

What are the features that make one model different from the other? Which one gives you more value for your money.

All these questions will be answered in this comparative review to help you make the right choice. 

What is the Difference between the Models?

The Smoky Mountain Cooker comes in several different sizes designed to meet every buyer’s needs.

In this section we take a look at the features offered by each model:

14 Inch Weber Smoker

Weber 711001 Smokey Mountain Cooker



Affordable, portable, easy access to the meat in a smoker.


Small smoking area


Great smoker for beginners. 

Our Rating



The Weber 711001 14 inch smoker is a compact and affordable smoker, perfect for first-time users. 

It is also a good choice for you if you only plan to use the smoker on certain occasions to cook for just a few people.

The 14-inch model is easy to use and serves as a good introduction to the joys of cooking and eating smoked food.

One of the key features of this smoker is the temperature grommet.

This makes it easy for you to track the temperature of the smoker without having to open the door.

The  built-in thermometer is especially useful for checking the internal temperature, and the water pan (porcelain enamel) assists in the addition of steam as it smokes, ensuring meats are tender and moist.

The aluminium door is resistant to rust and simplifies the addition of wood chips or chunks. There are also air dampers that ensure air flow is at its optimum level.

Another important feature here is the charcoal chamber as it helps keep the fuel in a specific location so temperature is constant.

18 and 22 Inch Weber Smokers

The Weber 721001 18-inch smoker and the Weber 731001 22-inch smoker share a lot of common features; in fact, the only real major difference between the two is the cooking area size (481 square inches and 726 square inches respectively).

Both have heat-resistant nylon handles, essential when grilling or smoking and both have storage covers, lid and bowl vents and built-in thermometers.

Like those on the 14-inch cooker, the built-in thermometers are very accurate, and a lot of changes have been made compared to the older models.

Which Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker Should You Buy?

The 14-inch smoker is the cheapest of them all and it’s also the most compact option.

It’s great for those who will only be using the smoker occasionally and tends to prepare food for a few people.

It has temperature grommet that allows you to track the smoker’s internal temp without having to open the door. Its aluminium door is also rust-resistant. The temperature remains constant in a particular area of the smoker due to its charcoal chamber.

Meanwhile, the 18-inch smoker and the 22-inch smoker have the same features like heat-resistant nylon handles, storage covers, built-in thermometers, larger and more secure doors, and a built-in ash catch pan.

The only major difference between the 2 is their cooking area size (18 inches and 22 inches). Of course, they are also more expensive than the 14 inch WSM.

Key features of weber smokers

No matter which size you decide to buy, there is no question that you’ll receive a lot of benefits.

  • Built-in lid thermometer 
  • Durable grates
  • Strong flavors
  • check
    Easy to clean

Built-in lid thermometer: we have already gone over this so there is no need to repeat what has been noted.

Suffice to say that it’s a good thing Weber included this in the smoker so you don’t have to buy another one.

First-time smokers often find it difficult to moisten and tenderize the meat. However, this is made easy by the Weber because the water pan automates the addition of steam.

Weber Smokers Smoking Area

Durable grates: Weber cooking grates are known for their durability and these smokers are no exception. The grates are heavy duty and owing to its plated steel properties can handle extensive cooking, smoking and grilling. 

Strong flavors: of course all these benefits and features won’t amount to much if the smoker doesn’t produce strong, smoky flavors but the good thing is it does.

Easy cleaning: there is no need to wash the interior as all that’s needed is a grill brush.

The smoker is versatile enough to handle different types of meat, and the larger the model you buy the more you’ll be able to cook.

If you opt for the 22-inch model you can prepare food for up to forty people. 

With a cooking area of more than 720 square inches, you’ll have no problem smoking full sized turkeys, dozens of burgers, ribs, and hotdogs with no trouble at all.

Another benefit that comes from using the 18 or 22-inch smokers is there’s no need to confine yourself to only one meat; with such a large cooking surface you can smoke entire ribs or a dozen pork shoulders slowly but surely.

How easy is it to season and prepare the smoker?

It is not difficult at all provided you take the right approach.

Just like with all smokers and grills, you should season first: all you need to do place aluminum foil over the pan and fill it with briquettes.

Allow the smoker to run at 350 F without water in the pan and then remove the residue and ash.

The next step is to put unlit briquettes in the basket, about halfway full. Add another half of lit briquettes and let it burn for up to 5 hours at 275 F (if the thermometer reads 72 F make the appropriate changes).

To generate as much grease as possible, add as many meat scraps as possible (the ones you don’t want to eat) as well as a couple of good sized wood chunks. Do this twice and the Weber is ready to use.

The Weber smokers can be used in different ways, and the same thing can be said for its preparation.

You could for instance, just put foil over the water pan so you don’t have to clean the pan. However, this method only works if the smoker has been seasoned, hence its importance. 

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The Verdict

The Weber Smokey Mountain cooker is one of the most popular smokers today and given its set of features, that should hardly come as a surprise.

Probably the only problem you’ll have is figuring out which one to buy, but with our guide, that should no longer be an issue.

Regardless which of the three models you choose, we are certain you won’t be disappointed.

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